Round glasses for square faces

August 10th, 2010 by William Krause Leave a reply »

Round glasses should go with square or oblong face shape. The selection criterion of round eyeglass is different with that of frame colors. If you have dark hair such as black or brown, dark glasses frames are suitable. For people who have light hair or like light colored clothes, light glasses frame is the right choice. This principle is also applied to eyebrow color and eye color. Nevertheless, the frames shape performs in a nearly opposite way: round glasses for square face, rectangular eyeglass for round face etc… This is some kind of a compromise. Most of the round glasses fans obey this rule, including Ghandi. This writing introduces both round glasses and rectangular glasses, which represent the two extremes.

A round face has the same width and length. Rectangular or geometric glasses are needed to create some angles of a round face. If you choose round eyeglass, the curvilinear lines will be magnified. As a result, the round glasses will surely make the round face extremely round. Of course, most of the people do not need this effect. Round glasses should also be avoided on near round faces such as oval and heart faces. Round eyeglass will never balance their smooth lines.

A square face has an obvious jaw line and a broad forehead. Round glasses are perfect to break the same proportion between the width and length of this face shape. Round eyeglass can make square face look longer. Since square faces have strong angles, round glasses do help in softening them. Round glasses also fit oblong faces. Just remember that round eyeglass matches the opposite face shapes. Besides round eyeglass, narrow frame styles and frames with more width than length play a similar role.


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