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To be a Harry Potter by Wearing Harry Potter Glasses

July 26th, 2011

The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 marks the emotional climax of an era and is laden with almost insurmountable expectations. Decades years ago, a litter boy named Harry was born. Now, in 2011, with the seventh film of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II, appearing on the screen, and the love for Harry is going on over ten years. From the first book to the end, the image of a boy with a pair of  Harry Potter glasses is deeply impressed in the whole word. Like his shirt, wand and as well as his fancy dress, the glasses is also a fashionable accessory.


Nowadays, when talk about the round glasses, the first person people think is Harry, no matter he is an adult or a child. Every person wants to be Harry Potter, to be a magician. Then the Harry Potter glasses come out. People, both the adults and the children, who are interested in Harry Potter, like to experience Harry Potter’s eyeglasses. Even in the UK, a contest named “The Most Similar to Harry Potter” was held by a group of Optometrists and a number of Harry-fans took part in the contest.

The designation of Harry Potter glasses is very simple: a round frame( always black ). The lens has no certain pattern. The point is the round frame. Some people think that the glasses make Harry Potter seem smarter, and others think they make Harry handsome. No matter what, Harry Potter glasses is in popular.

A new kind of Harry Potter glasses is getting in fashion. This type of glasses is just a black round frame without lenses. A lot of people, including children and grow-ups, like to show their photos with the new type of Harry Potter glasses and those pictures are attracted a lot of attention in public. Most people think it’s very cute!

Prevailing round eyeglasses

April 25th, 2010

As the name implies, round eyeglasses are glasses that have round eyeglass frames and round lenses. In fact, round eyeglasses are the original eyeglasses design. They were the only shape in the early 20th century. Therefore, there were some celebrities who wore round eyeglasses in history, such as Dominic Dunne, Ghandi, Ozzy Osbourne, George Burns and David Letterman. But now, many movie stars, sports athletes, authors also pick them as their favorite. To some content, round eyeglasses represent simple, natural, honest and intelligent.

Round eyeglasses are available in great styles like handmade plastic, 14K gold rimless, funky dark tortoise, vintage black and so on. You can find round eyeglass frames combined with classic bridge and nose pads, polo covered temples and many other styles. Airlite, Pilate, Boston and Winston are some of the well-known round eyeglasses manufacturers. There are several popular round eyeglasses. The Chakra round eyeglasses have spring hinges that are durable. You can clip sunshades onto Chakra round eyeglass frames. Made in Europe, Anglo American round eyeglasses are the ideal plastic ones. The round eyeglass frames of them are made of top quality materials.

Round eyeglass frames are suitable for those with square or oblong face. Square or oblong faces have obvious angles. Rectangular frames will intensify them. So round eyeglasses frames are the right things to soften these angles.

Fans of round eyeglasses expect them to be perfectly round, rather than diamond or oval shapes.