Round eyeglasses for square-shaped faces

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In the eyeglasses world, there is a classic and popular style that is known as round eyeglasses. Coming in one of the basic eyewear frame shapes, round spectacles have maintained their popularity among various groups of people, including artists, actors, writers, musicians and inventors. In detail, celebrities who have used this type of eyeglasses contain Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Philip Johnson and John Lennon. In addition, round glasses are not for men and women only. Children of any age can get satisfied with this style. The best example is Harry Potter who first entered the scene with his round eyeglasses in 1997. Of course, eyeglass products in the eyewear market are not limited to those in a round shape. And the popularity of this typical style is deeply rooted. Round means the shape like a circle or a ball. This can be seen widely in other objects in our surrounding environments. Many things are designed into this shape. Yet a more convincing explanation is quite probably associated with the wearers’ facial shape.

Shopping for a pair of prescription eyewear at a local store or an online shop, it is necessary to match a target eyeglass frame to personal face shape. Some people may think it is acceptable to try on every favorite pair in the store and thus get how each one looks. This is theoretically feasible but is practically time-consuming. Determining personal facial shape and coloring in advance would help in narrowing down choices, making the purchase an efficient one. In simple worlds, round eyeglasses can go well with a large group of people all over the world. But this is not the best choice for everyone. Evaluating frame shape, a guideline should better to be followed that the frame shape needs to contrast with the user’s face shape.

A round pair of eyeglasses has same proportions with width and length and does not have angles. The edge of the frame is wrapped by curved lines. Knowing these features and the guideline mentioned before, we can make it clear that round eyeglasses will complement best with people who have a square-shaped face. The facial features of this group of people can be well offset and compromised by a round frame.

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