The position of transitions lenses and potential problems

June 27th, 2010 by Arthur First Leave a reply »

Compared with regular sunglass lenses and even prescription sunglass lenses, transitions lenses are quite unique and different. In most people’s mind, these sunwear lenses are more complex and advanced because of their strong, intriguing ability. It is traditionally known that sunglass lenses have fixed degrees of darkness. For people who are particularly light sensitive, it is necessary to choose dark sunglasses. For normal groups, light-tinted sunglasses are enough. However, the lens technology developed by Transitions Optical Inc. has changed this traditional concept completely. Transition lenses developed by this company have unusual features or attributes. They can change from clear indoors to dark outdoors. These lenses appear as clear as an ordinary clear lens while indoors and at night. And they become dark in bright sunlight. Incorporated with specific powers, these lenses function as regular prescription eyeglasses indoors and serve as prescription sunglasses with UV light presence.

The company claims that transition lenses are satisfying millions of spectacle wearers worldwide. This is definitely true because transitions lenses are the most common products that utilize photochromic lens technology. However, it is necessary to point out the exact position of these lenses. It is true that many eye care practitioners and customers call all photochromic lenses Transition lenses. This phenomenon is rooted by the leading role of these lenses produced by Transitions Optical. The truth is that there are some other companies which also produce photochromic lenses embedded with the same functionality as transition lens. Some examples include PhotoGray and PhotoBrown lenses provided by Corning Inc., ColorMatic photochromic lenses made by German lens manufacturer Rodenstock and LifeRx photochromic lenses developed by Vision-Ease Lens.

Moreover, customers who are interested in transitions lenses should be clear that these lenses are not perfect or flawless. They can bring additional convenience absolutely. But it is equally important to recognize certain complaints about these products. There is sometimes reported a time delay associated with the lens’s transition from dark to clear, or vice versa. In addition, people with light sensitivity usually can not get satisfied from transition sunglass lenses, which will not get as dark as separate dark sunglasses.


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