The advantage of transition sunglasses over other solutions

June 23rd, 2010 by Connie Robertson Leave a reply »

When UV protection is a necessity for most of people around the world, there are fortunately several different solutions. Normal sunglasses have only a functionality of blocking harmful UV rays contained in sunlight. The single requirement of this type of sunwear is to ensure 100% protection against unwanted light. Another category is sports sunglasses, which offer additional benefits. In most cases, these sunglasses use various lens tints which can heighten contrast or improve visual acuity during specific sports. Due to their help in improving the wearer’s performance, they are sometimes called performance sunglasses. Another form of sunwear is clip on sunglasses, which are worn over regular prescription eyeglasses. These two types of eyewear are used together for the group of people who need both UV protection and vision correction outdoors. Prescription sunglasses incorporate these two functions within a single pair. And what is more exciting, transition sunglasses offer a more advanced solution.

For people who have a visual refractive error, vision correction is needed in most circumstances. For those bothered by a serious eye condition, a pair of Rx eyewear is indispensible in daily life. This group of people will probably participate regularly in outdoor activities. And the last three forms of sunglasses mentioned in the first paragraph are suitable or feasible options. It is necessary to detail these three types. Clip on sunshades have no temples and they are clipped onto regular Rx eyeglasses. When the wearer enters indoors, the clip-on can be removed or flipped up. The designer of prescription sunglasses recognized this inconvenience and then combined these two functions in a sole pair. They used sunglass lenses that can both offer vision correction and UV protection. Compared with clip ons and Rx sunglasses, transition sunglasses are generally more advanced.

Transitions sunglasses take use of self-adjustable lenses whose darkness can be changed. Of course, these lenses can be fitted with necessary powers and offer equal vision correction as prescription sunglasses. What is the exact advantage transition sunglasses have over other two forms? In brief, the automatic changing ability of transition lenses according to the amount of UV light in presence brings certainly extra convenience. Even being indoors, it is unnecessary to remove the transition sunwear, because the lenses become clear.


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