Polarized clip on shades

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Clip on shades are special sunglasses that without temples. But most of the lenses technologies are applied to them. One of the most common technologies is polarization. So that polarized clip on is created. Tinted lenses reduce the amount of light and darken your vision, but do not solve the glare problem. Polarized clip on shades are the proper solution. Polarized clip on can block reflection of light on smooth surfaces, especially the shining ones. More accurately, polarized clip on shades block 99% horizontal glare and 100% of harmful UV rays. As a result, you will rarely suffer from blurring and vision discomfort as well as eye fatigue.

The lenses of polarized clip on shades are usually made of polycarbonate since clip ons should not impose obvious height to the regular glasses. Due to its lightness, this polarized clip on reduces pressure on the wear’s face and stays comfortably in place. Polarized polycarbonate clip on shades are 10 times more resistant than other glasses so that they are more suitable for sports. Furthermore, polycarbonate polarized clip on reduces the intensity of sunlight to more comfortable level, in order to ease eyestrain, fatigue and headache.

Polarized clip on shades come in various colors. Yellow polarized clip on provides excellent depth perception and contrast in overcast days. This type also gives a sensation of heightened visual acuity in low light conditions. Copper polarized clip on is made of very contrast lenses that are soothing to eyes. It absorbs blue light. The most color-neutral ones are grey clip on shades. They transmit colors evenly and make you comfort in bright and medium light. Brown clip on shades are also gaining popularity. They preserve depth perception for activities such as driving, fishing and golf.

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