How to Choose Tint for Sunglasses According to Your Particular Lifestyle

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Sunglasses tints are very popular and helpful to ensure you to see clearly in the bright sunlight. Now, there is a wide range of tints available so that you can choose your favorite tint according to different requirement. Different colored tints filter light in different ways. For example, some tints do a better job to block out light than other. Some tints may cause distortion of color, while some can enhance color. Maybe you always like one kind of tint, but you’d better choose the suitable one according to your particular lifestyle. Here’ a guide that helps you choose proper tint for your sunglasses.

Grey-As a popular neutral tint, gray allows the eyes to perceive colors in their purest form. It can reduce brightness and glare. So it is suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, running, etc.

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Rose-Rose allows about 77% of visible light transmittance inside, 60% light transmittance outside. They are helpful for computer users to reduce glare and alleviate eye strain, so they become a favorite among computer users. Besides, these tints have a good reputation of being soothing to the eyes and more comfortable than others for longer wear-times.

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Yellow-Yellow allows 77% of visible light transmittance inside, 60% light transmittance outside. They are good at improving contrast in foggy or low-light condition. So they cam make objects look sharper but they may cause color distortion. They are good option for shooters, skiers.


Brown-Brown does a good job at enhancing our view. Because they can reduce glare and block out blue light. And these tints improve contrast and visual acuity, especially against green and blue background such as grass by means of blocking blue light. They are often made for driving sunglasses, suitable for fishing, hunting, etc.

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Purple-Purple allows about 70% of visible light transmittance inside and 20% outside. It provides natural color perception when protecting the eyes.


Blue-Blue allows 70% visible light transmittance inside, 30% light transmittance outside. Blue is a contrast lens and reduces glare from visible white light.


Gradient tint-Gradient tint can reduce glasses and light intensity while allowing you sees words clearly when you read by using the bottom portion.

There are a variety of sunglasses with different styles and designs, such as aviator sunglasses, wraparound sunglasses. No matter what kind of sunglasses you choose, you’d better choose proper tint for sunglasses you select according to your particular lifestyle.


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