Tips for Selecting Proper Sunglasses Lens Color for Different Riding Conditions

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Nowadays, more and more people become enthusiasts of cycling. They pay much attention to their gear of cycling. Among their gear, cycling sunglass is a must-have item. There are a variety of cycling sunglasses available for you. People use sunglasses frames to match their bike, lenses and even put a built-in MP3 player. Besides frames, the lens color has a great influence on your performance. They are often confused about what kind of lens color they should choose among a seemingly endless array of options. Here’s a guide that will tell you the different lens color is suitable for the conditions in which you ride.

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Black or grey lenses

Black, gray and smoke lenses are the best lens color for bright condition because they can weaken the bright sunlight, which will ease the eye strain. Besides, gray won’t cause any distortion of color of objects while other lens color may do such as some bright lens color. So gray is also an ideal color for driving sunglasses.

Suitable for: road rides even on sunny days.

Not for: mountain biking. You may not get clear view when you go to a trail because gray don’t improve contrast or depth perception.

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Brown lenses

Among these lens colors, brown is always an ideal lens color. It not only weaken bight light but also improves contrast, clarity and depth perception. Moreover, they also can enhance shades of green, such as grass because they can filter out blue light.

Suitable for: mountain biking

Not for: night riding


Amber lenses

It can filter out blue light to increase contrast effectively. It is very helpful to choose it, even when you face rocks and roots that are jumping out at you from the shadows.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days and on dimly lit trails.

Not for: sunny days


Red or rose lenses

Red lens will improve contrast and brighten cloudy days. However, they will cause distortion of colors so they are not suitable for condition in which you need see clear shades of color.

Suitable for: ride in cloudy condition

Not for: sunny days.

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Yellow lenses

They are suitable for hazy condition. Yellow improves contrast and clarity so that you can know your position even when you are in dense fog.

Suitable for: road rides in the fog condition such as early morning

Not for: sunny days

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Clear lenses

They perform well in dark conditions and are helpful to protect your eyes from dirt, harmful UV rays and other foreign objects.

Suitable for: dark condition

Not for: sunny days


Orange lenses

They work well in darker and cloudy weather.

Suitable for: mountain biking on cloudy days

Not for: sunny days.


Blue lenses

It is true that seldom blue lenses are applied to cycling sunglasses because they will make things look funky. What’s worse, they can’t improve contrast and depth-perception.

Suitable for: a fashion show or party

Not for: road and mountain biking

From the above stated, you must have a clear understanding of the lens color of cycling sunglasses. Choose the proper lens color according to different riding conditions and weather.


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