Crane Sports Cycling Glasses Guarantee You A Pleasant Cycling Experience

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Made with the world renowned rigorousness of the Germans, crane sports cycling glasses are definitely the most reassuring pieces of cycling accessory equipments you could ever hope for. Yet, they are not frequently mentioned or talked about as they deserve to be. When people hear the phrase “cycling accessory equipments”, they think of helmets, pumps and safety pads. Rarely does the words “cycling glasses” come to their minds. However, to any professional cyclist or cycling enthusiast, cycling glasses are certainly one of the most, if not the most, important accessories. Crane Sports, a renowned German brand owned by the German retailing heavyweight Aldi have been making cycling glasses for more than half a century. They provide quality cycling shades that not only function well as protective eyewear but also look cool as fashion accessories, assuring you the best cycling experience you will ever have.

Crane Sports Cycling Sunglasses

To those who aren’t frequent bikers, it may strike them as a weird thing to have to wear special cycling glasses before getting on a bike. So, the question is asked, why are those shades even necessary? Well, there are two reasons for that. First, since almost all cycling are done outdoors, our fragile eyes are prone to many potential damages from the unpleasant elements of the nature, such as debris in the air, flying insects that might get into your eyes or the increased airflow that might make you red eyed. Cycling sports glasses, especially those quality ones made by Crane Sports, are essential in keeping all those potential risks outside. Second, even if you are riding in extremely clean surroundings where none of the above situations could ever occur, you still have to deal with the ubiquitous toxic UV radiation. Cycling glasses, like any other shades, keep your eyes from the UV rays and potential long term eye damage like cataract.

Crane Sports Cycling Sunglasses

Having established that cycling glasses are essential in any kind of cycling, be it for competition, for fun or for health, the next question should probably be how to choose a good pair. Although the zillions of brands and manufacturers available nowadays seem to have made choosing cycling shades a real headache for many, an ideal pair can still be easily obtained by following a couple of simple yet basic guidelines. First of all, check the UV protection. As the basic function of any shades, UV protection should always come first when evaluating a pair of glasses’ quality. The adequate amount of UV rays blocked should be no lower than 98%. If one pair’s UV blocking ratio is lower than that, no matter how favorable the style or how delightful the color, it should not be considered. Crane Sports deeply understand the importance of UV protection and keenly provides all its users with the optimized protection anywhere. Secondly, the lens color. Based on the fact that what bikers are facing is oftentimes a ever changing weather condition, lenses with interchangeable colors are often a better potion than those without. In this field, Crane Sports has also a huge edge over others in that almost every line of cycling shades have the option for interchangeable lens colors. Thirdly, to find your ideal pair of shades, you need to take a close look at the frames. Always bear in mind that it is the frames that keep all those debris and insects from entering the eye sideways. So, make sure the frames serve those functions well before you put them on to see how they look on you. With Crane Sports cycling shades, however, no need to worry about the frames’ functionality any more, since every pair has been especially designed so that debris and insects won’t get in. Plus, those Crane Sports cycling glasses will undoubtedly rock your look since they always come in the most in and chic style.

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