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Within the sunwear market, a special category called performance sunglasses has been gaining interest from customers in recent years. This is probably assisted by the increasingly popularity of participation in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, golfing and so forth. A pair of performance sunglasses made of special lenses and frame can be a good help during these activities. The original purpose of developing performance sunwear in sunglass manufacturers’ mind is to provide the best vision possible for casual and competitive athletes under even extreme conditions. Until now, there are definitely a large group of professional athletes and amateurs who believe in performance sunglasses in improving their performance during outdoor sports or activities. Red sunglasses can be a good type of performance sunwear. This is because the secret of sports or performance sunglasses is their utilization of tinted lenses and red tint is one of the best.

Tinted lenses used in performance sunglasses can reduce selectively the transmittance of certain wavelengths in sunlight. A typical benefit of using tinted lenses is the reduction of sunlight glare. Other abilities of lens tints include improving visual accuracy, clarity and comfort, all of which enable an athlete to have a key advantage over other contestants. Red sunglasses can be taken as a particular example. Regardless of sunglasses made of a red frame, red sunwear refers mainly to sunshades that use red tinted lenses. There are actually a small group of similar lens tints, and the other two members are rose and pink. Performance or sports sunglasses made of red, rose or pink lenses have similar benefits or advantages. They can heighten contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions. It is equal to say that these lenses can enhance contrast sensitivity.

While choosing red sunglasses, it is also important to consider the lens material. Performance sunglasses should firstly be lightweight, otherwise normal performance may be affected. In the sports sunwear market, currently polycarbonate is the most commonly used lens material. Polycarbonate lenses in different tints are all lightweight, super strong and considerably more impact-resistant than other lens materials.

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