Primary features of transition glasses

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For people without much experience of wearing eyeglasses, it is hard to understand transition glasses from the meaning of these words. Transition means the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. How can this term be used in eyewear products? In fact, these are an advanced form of eyeglasses that really involve different transitions. The exact part that brings such transition is the lenses, which can change their darkness according to the surrounding environment. It is widely known that sunglass products currently available in the market come in different darkness in their lenses. In a typical case, a light pair does not give enough protection in bright sunshine. And an opposite case is that a dark pair blocks excessive light and brings an uncomfortable feeling, especially while driving. For lots of sunwear users, this is a dilemma which is hard to conquer. However, the development of transition eyeglasses provides a perfect workaround.

In simplest words, transition glasses use lenses that are self-adjustable in terms of darkness. They can change from dark to light and clear according to different light conditions. These glasses will not cause users to squint in sunlight or fumble in poor light. In detail, these glasses are clear indoors and darken automatically in response to sunlight outdoors. When staying indoors, they function as regular prescription eyeglasses because the lenses are fitted according to the wearers’ specific prescriptions. Moving to an outdoor environment, they serve as sunglasses, or exactly prescription sunglasses. It is equally feasible to get 100% protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

This adjustable attribute of transitions eyeglasses is very helpful, because it brings unparalleled convenience. It is very convenient to use a transition pair in both indoor and outdoor conditions. In fact, transition glasses are just products from Transitions Optical Inc. A wider concept of these glasses is photochromic eyeglasses. Currently, most popular brands use the photochromic lens technology that is owned by Transitions Optical Inc., which has led most eye care practitioners and customers to refer photochromic glasses to transitions glasses. Actually there are some other brands which use their own photochromic lens technologies.


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