Profession glasses for extra eye protection

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Many people may find that their regular eyeglasses are suitable for all routine activities in daily life. But they can not function well during certain tasks linked with their special professions and personal hobbies. When it comes to the latter consideration, sports glasses are the right choice and these people may need to get an additional pair of sports glasses if they want to get free enjoyment. In fact, sports eyewear has been a big market for many years because these products are very helpful in protecting athletes and amateurs’ eyes during games. For their particular function of eye protection, sports glasses are considered as a sub-set of safety glasses. There are some other specialty glasses used by people with certain professions. They are exactly called professional glasses.

Professional eyeglasses cover a wide range of products that offer extra eye protection in some fields involving dangerous factors. To some extent, sports eyewear can also be grouped into this category, based on the fact that these glasses help greatly professional athletes shield their eyes. Of course, professional glasses have much wider applications. They can be used during shooting, hunting and so forth. Carpenters, plumbers, pipe fitters, machinists, millwrights and laborers are target users of professional eyewear. These jobs always involve risky sources that may seriously hurt the workers’ eyes. Some tasks require the use of side shields, goggles and full face protection. People who work in such an environment must wear a pair of protective glasses.

The most significant difference between professional glasses and regular glasses is the enhanced impact resistance. Eyeglasses for professional usage must conform to a higher standard of impact and shatter resistance. Moreover, both the frame and the lenses should be made according to this standard because they may be hit or attacked randomly. All eyewear products used in risky professions should meet specific criteria. Regular eyeglasses even with a high durability do not qualify as profession eyewear. In general, there are several frame tests for protective eyeglasses. They include high mass impact test, durability test and high velocity impact test. And these tests can group professional spectacles into basic impact and high impact types.


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