How to Adjust to Bifocal and Progressive Glasses?

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Bifocal and progressive glasses all involve a spell of adjustment to better adapt to the inherent prescription transition in bifocal & progressive glasses. Your eyes may at first get uncomfortable and dizzy when you switch from the top part to lower part. Although the jump line is gone, yet the feeling of abrupt vision jump still persists. The following article will shine a light upon how exactly to adjust to bifocals and progressive glasses.

Bifocal glasses

bifocal glasses

Bifocal glasses are characterized by two different lens power or prescriptions in one lens, the upper part of which features distance vision aiming at myopia while the lower part features near vision dealing with presbyopia or astigmatism. In order to safely and comfortably negotiate the transition period, you will have to follow a few steps:

Step1: Get your bifocal glasses with exact and precise prescription through a certified and eligible pharmacy or glasses vendor.

Step2: Try on your bifocal for a spell of time until you accommodate to the jump of vision. Should discomfort or eye strain occur, you should suspend its use for a while and then resume wearing them and see if any of these symptoms happen again.

Step3: Move the objects you are about to catch sight of closer or farther way so that you can see objects more clearly through your bifocal lenses. (Objects placed too near or too far will influence its viewing experience or cause some blurry state)

Step4: Consult with your optometrist for expert advice, if any of these maladjustments persist. You will be given further information regarding the proper wearing habit.

Progressive glasses


Progressive glasses involve many a prescription in one single lens, which progress from the very top down to the lowest part. When your eyes have difficulty in seeing things clearly close-up or at arm’s length or very distant, it’s high time for you to furnish your face with one pair. But to adjust to progressive glasses needs extra effort and proper instruction, which I will walk you trough.

Step1: Prepare yourself for a sharp change of viewing experience entirely different from what you used to see.

Step2: See through each part of lens and check out how it will affect your vision. Take a book as an experimental subject and put it at different distance away from your eyes, and then see through the lenses how it feels. By and by, you will get used to the separate clarity of each part at each range of distance.

Step3: Walk around, carefully, while wearing the glasses. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Then move your eyes slowly to the outside edges of the glasses and notice that the vision becomes less clear. Bit by bit, by and by, you will find you slowly accommodate to the transition between different lens powers. Congratulations, you are almost there.

Step4: Repeat the abovementioned actions until you feel completely at ease and will switching between different ranges.


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