Round Eyeglasses—The Tool of Cute

January 9th, 2011 by George Manche Leave a reply »

Honestly speaking, I don’t like these retro round glasses many years ago. When I was a child, I often went to see films with elders; I didn’t know why they liked to add round sunglasses to their face. Originally, they had gentle faces, and looked a little funny wearing them. For Asian people, they have flat face and comparatively small round eyeglasses will make their face look more wide and large. So, it is long time for me to think that many people are not suitable to wear round eyewear.

It is about several decades since John Lennon made them receive high popularity. A few years later, they have become popular again. Maybe, I have changed with time flies, and I think that these round eyeglasses seem to be attractive as well. It is probably that I have watched TV and surf the Internet too often and have used to see them.

To some degree, Lady Gaga has made some people change their mind about round glasses. If there weren’t these glasses, she will not look good. Wearing these glasses makes her create a surprising effect. Fashionable designers are also concerned about these round glasses. If you want to start trying, perhaps you can wear large sized round sunglasses at first. As long as your face is not round enough, you can have a try.

Some people like the sense of cute that round eyeglasses show. And the round frame eyeglasses will be the first choice of fashion fans in this year, and have the popular trend. To being cute or lovely, you might as well try round shaped eyeglasses.


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