Round Eyeglasses may be Popular in the Next Year

December 30th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

In general, a single product must have one feature of the following three factors and it may become fashionable. First of all, they receive prominent billing by brand name manufacturers. Secondly, they are guided by celebrities and many ordinary people will follow the trend. Thirdly, retro style has been popular once again. From the current trend, round glasses have been more than three factors.

In aspect of brands of manufacturers, more and more brand names begin to invest in the area. Like Chanel, Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith launched the flagship of glasses styles in next year, and all of them are at least round framed eyeglasses. It has proved that the trend of fashion is difficult to refine. Nobody will think that these round eye glasses will receive high popularity once again.

As for the celebrities, Hollywood stars and the French luxury are an important origin of the international trend. These figures are widely concerned and they have begun to wear round frame glasses. Both the older and the young can have access to these glasses.

From the review of retro, the most powerful Pu Yi liked these round glasses. And scholars like Xu Zhimo loved the modern round eyeglasses most. In modern time, it is undoubtedly that Harry Potter like them most.

Combined with the above factors, perfectly round eyeglasses are likely to be a necessary accessory in the next year. If you wear these glasses now, you will be a fashionable figure in a small group.


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