Two types of Smith goggles

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As protective Smith glasses, Smith goggles can prevent particulates, water and chemicals from hurting the eyes by enclosing the eye area. Ordinary goggles are used in chemistry laboratories, woodworking, horse racing, snow sports and swimming. But Smith goggles are mainly available in two areas that are snow goggles and motor sport goggles.

Smith snow goggles have six kinds of series, namely, Turbo Fan series, Spherical series, Regulator series, Airflow series, Junior series and Over The Glass. The Smith glasses of Turbo Fan feature spherical and carbonic-x lens with TLT optics, patented Vaporator lens technology, articulating outrigger positioning system and two-speed, micro-electronic fan. The Heiress and Anthen types of Spherical series are the first choice in women’s Smith goggles. The Smith glasses of Regulator series are distinctive because they have patented regulator adjustable lens ventilation. Most of the Smith glasses of Airflow series are manufactured with dual lens with Airflow lens ventilation and the Junior series of Smith goggles are molded and dual-slide strap adjustable. Over The Glass series of Smith goggles are usually compression-molded and offer hypoallergenic face foam.

Smith motor sport goggles are divided into Moto series and Snowmobile series. Smith glasses of Moto series are equipped with new air intake system for on-demand airflow and that of Snowmobile series offer in-lens tear offs posts.

Besides the functional (security) and quality concerns of Smith goggles, comfort and helmet compatibility are also important, since they affect the performance of players in snow sports and motor sports. All Smith glasses in goggle types ensure superior helmet compatibility.


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