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Do Not Stare at the Computer for a Long Time While Wearing Contact Lenses

April 7th, 2011

With contact lenses we can do sports freely and see things clearly, but we should not stare at the computer for a long time. Most of the contact lenses wearers will feel dry in the eyes or have other uncomfortable feelings after facing the computer screen for a long time. This is because they don’t blink eyes frequently. Currently, the commonly used contact lenses are made from high polymer material, so their oxygen permeability is not so good, which prevents the eyes from breathing oxygen to some extent and thus causes the cornea anoxygenous. Besides, the long time staring at computer makes the eyes under high pressure. The normal people blink more than 20 times every minute; while people who wear contact lenses sitting in front of computer blink only 4 to 5 times per minute.

What’s worse, almost all contact lenses will gradually decompose and degenerate under the radiation from the computer. Some of these decomposed micromolecule will reach the crystalline lens through lymph circulation and then combine with the repaired tissue of the crystalline lens, so that to form new polymer. A small amount of polymer will be discharged from the inner part of eyeball to its surface and finally be discharged in the form of gum. However, when the polymer is too much the dust and debris in the eyes will accumulate in the crystalline lens, thus gradually develops into cataract.

Therefore, for myopic people who have to face the computer for a long period everyday, they had better wear framed glasses. If they must wear contact lenses, they should pay attention to the rest of their eyes. For instance, look into the distance after one hour staring at the computer; not rub the eyes but wet them by using the eye drops that don’t contain preservatives when they feel dry in their eyes; take off the contact lenses to leave sufficient time for their eyes to discharge wastes during having rest; and wash hands before taking off their contact lenses when they are going to bed. Moreover, do replace the contact lenses once their service life is exceeded.

What Should Contact Lenses Wearers Notice While Camping

March 29th, 2011

Many myopic fans of outdoor activities would love to wear contact lenses in the open air, but do you know contact lenses have two enemies, namely cold and dirty. But here are some tips to cope with them.

As we usually contact some dirty things outdoors, if there are dirt or other such small particles between the contact lens and the eyeball our eyes will be painful while they are rolling because of friction which will even lead to permanent eye diseases. Therefore, please make sure your finger is clean when you indeed have to touch your eyeball or take off the contact lenses. If it is impossible to wash your hands with soap, you should at least rinse your fingers that are about to contact your eyes with the water you take with. If there is no water, it is better to wash your finger with the contact lens solution than to contact your eyes directly.

In order to avoid the contact lenses from losing during taking on and off while you are camping, the best solution is to take on and off your contact lenses with your elbow supporting on the damproof pad or sleeping bag. In this way you can easily find your contact lenses even if they fall down the damproof pad or sleep bag by accident. What’s more, they will be much cleaner than falling down on the ground.

Do remember to take a bottle of solution with you while preparing your travel bag before setting out. If you forget to bring it carelessly, you can put the boiled water into a clean vessel, and then use it instead of contact lens solution after it is cooled.

If you intend to stay outdoors for a long time you must take a pair of framed glasses with you, otherwise you will get troubled once your contact lenses are lost. Additionally, OSA points out that long-time wearing of contact lenses is harmful to the eye health, so it is better to wear framed glasses while camping.

Brief introduction of Vision Direct

February 5th, 2010

Vision Direct, a division of, was merged into DrugStore in Dec, 2003. Now Vision Direct is DrugStore’s vision division selling branded contact lenses through its online store to North America, Europe and other countries around the world. Presently is one of the 3 biggest online retailers of contact lenses in USA, the other two are and from Canada respectively.

Vision Direct sells on the web the major names of contact lenses such Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA vision, OSI/American Hydron and many other lenses manufacturers. Vision Direct strictly follows the rigorous prescription verification system since its inception, and therefore has gained strong reputation as the leading online retailer of contact lenses.

The purchasing of lenses on is pretty easy by following three simple steps: find your contacts, select your power and color (if available) for both eyes, and fill in the doctor’s name and information. Above information is important for securing best possible service from Vision Direct. It is required that the online retailers need to verify your prescription accuracy and validity with your doctor before agreeing to sell the contact lenses to you.

At Vision Direct, customers can easily find the great discounts and bargains for the name brands lenses. Though some experts and government agencies strongly oppose the purchase of lenses via internet stores, Vision Direct is still gaining popularity among the consumers as what Vision Direct sells is exactly the same as local eye care practitioners as long as you fill in the correct brand name and prescription powers.

Vision Direct offers 24/7 customer services through its call center which are able and willing to answer all the questions from the customers concerning your order information and status, and even knowledge of eyes and eye care.

Brief introduction of CIBA Vision

January 15th, 2010

CIBA Vision is the world’s leader in the researching, development and manufacturing of all types of innovative contact lenses, related are products and ophthalmic surgical products. The parent company of CIBA Vision, Novartis, is a Switzerland-based company, which engages in the research and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for human health and animal health. CIBAVision itself is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA.

CIBA Vision was founded in 1980 by CIBA –Geigy in an effort to diversify its business. After the merging of CIBA –Geigy and Sandoz in 1996, Novartis was created. Since then CIBA Vision became the eye care unit of Novartis. Through years of innovation in materials and formulations, CIBA Vision invented a couple of new brands of contact lenses such AIR OPTIX, Night & Day and Dalies. These products are unique and innovative in the industry of contact lenses. The branded “FreshLook” of CIBA Vision is the global leader in the market of color contact lenses. CIBA Vision color contacts offer a wide array of colors, modalities and styles, enhance the wearer’s eyes for cosmetic purpose. CIBAVision also take leading role in the area of les care market by providing the market with unique solution of independent brand names.

The ultimate target of CIBAVision is to provide safe and affordable alternate for people’s vision correction, improve people’s livelihood, making people more beautiful by offering wide selections of eye care products.

Toric Biomedic & Biomedics 55 Contact lenses

December 10th, 2009

Toric biomedic contact lenses are 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses created to correct astigmatism which is caused by the cornea not being oval. Toric biomedics are manufactured by Ocular Sciences, with 45% ocufilcon and 55 % water contained in the material of lenses which make the toric biomedic contact lenses extremely comfortable to wear and you will never be bothered by eye drying problem. And for some toric biomedic contact lenses, they are slightly tinted and UV-resistance, which make toric biomedic contact lens easy to handle and provide more protections for people. Usually toric biomedic contact lenses can be found under different brands of Softique, Aqualens, Optiflex, Sofmed, Softech, Ultraflex, Polysoft and so on.

Biomedics 55, from Ocular Sciences/American Hydron, are weekly disposable contact lenses offered by Cooper Vision. Outstanding comforts, easy handling and excellent vision are sparking characteristics of Biomedics 55 achieved by its advanced lens design. More important, the soft blue tint of biomedics 55 is good for improving contact handling and location. For the first time contact lens wears, biomedics 55 is a great choice since you can wear the lenses for 2 weeks, just clean them at night and then replace them with a new pair. And biomedics 55 can also provide you with more protection as it is UV blocking. So wearing biomedics 55, you will enjoy the beautiful time of crisp and clear vision as well as excellent comfort.

Just like other contact lenses, toric biomedic and biomedics 55 should be properly and regularly taken care of with the recommended cleaner, solution and methods to clean them at a required time.

800 Contacts works with Walmart to offer affordable lenses

December 8th, 2009

Early 2008 the country’s biggest chain Walmart announced its co-operation with the biggest online contact lenses retailer 800 Contacts to offer cheaper but good quality vision care products to its mass customers. This co-operation allows to take full advantage of the doctors in over 3000 Walmart’s optical centers. The ultimate purpose is to offer consumers even more affordable contact lenses and better services.

The call center and website of 800 Contacts help create the efficiencies which enable the alliance to save cost on the purchase of contact lenses. It was reported that consumers may enjoy a 20% price reduction through the co-operation between 800 Contacts and Walmart.

A survey shows that the main reasons why contact lenses wearers over-wear the lenses are the high cost and inconveniences of buying contacts. Doctors warn that over-wearing may cause severe eye complications. All lenses wearers must follow the wearing schedules. 800 Contacts effectively solves all the above two problems by providing a cheaper, healthier and sharper vision to the wearers. At the same time 800 Contacts can make full use of the massive customer base of Walmart and achieve further expansions.

800 Contacts has shipped 15 million orders in 11 years since its inception, and has built up a customer base of 5 million. Via its teaming with Walmart, 800 Contacts can expect its further solidification of its status as the No. 1 online contacts retailer.

Get an exam for cornea before you wear contact lenses

November 14th, 2009

Nowadays, through the technology of contact lenses has got an incredible improvement in test and diagnostic capabilities, still, contact lenses can damage contact lens wearers’ eyes in a complicate way.

Besides the basic testing measures such as refraction, cornea readings and corneal health evaluation, proper contact lens fitting and follow ups still need to take the corneal topography and endothelial cell count measurements into consideration. The corneal topography examines include the tests of the outer most layer to make sure whether the cornea irregularities, curves or pathology. The endothelial cell count examine the inner most layer, which is one cell layer. The number of cells per unit area and the quality of the cells are evaluated by the ECC, it said there are 2400 cells per unit area which are similar in color, shape and regimented. Once any change happened in the cell, the cell would die and leave a gap in its original position. The function of the endothelium is pump water out of the cornea. Once it gets some hurt, it will affect the corneal swelling, thickness, glare, and, of course, the ability of vision adjusting will decrease.

People who wear contact lenses should get an ECC to certain the function of the eyes is okay. Once find any abnormal situation, the wearers should make some changes in contact lens wearing.

The size and appearance of the cell in endothelial layer cause polymegathism, which means the ability of the endothelial cell to pump water from the cornea becomes weak. As a result, people get opacificrion, which also called cloudy cornea. Essentially, the changes are caused by the increase of lactate, the PH has changes, which decrease the cellular ATP and increase the endothelial hypoxia.

All of these are caused by contact lenses over wearing. The contact lenses not so fit the eyes brings about the endothelium overload, which makes the number of irregular cells increase. Some cells may be really abnormal.

People who get serious Polumegathism contact lens wear should stop wearing contact lens or reduce the time of wearing contact lens a lot, less than 10 hours per day. There exist highly permeable contact lenses which can allow enough oxygen to cornea.

People should do their best to avoid any corneal surgery which may cause endothelial cells loss. What is more, future cataract surgery may develop the technique to avoid losing of endothelial cells during the surgery.

In general, people who want to wear contact lenses should get an exam to make sure their cornea are totally healthy and do not put their frail eyes at risk.

Basic knowledge of contact lenses

October 25th, 2009

Contact lenses have been around for over one hundred years. In those early days, some people were not suitable to wear contact lense since the technologies were not so advanced. But nowadays, contact lenses are available for everyone. And contact lenses today are provided in more options that even colored ones are manufactured.

Contact lenses are one of the three ways that can correct eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The other two are eyeglasses and eye surgery such as LASIK. Actually, contact lense has been the choice of a considerable population. In the United States, about 20 percent of people who need vision correction wear contact lenses.

To some content, contact lenses are special eyeglasses, because they also use lenses to help people improve their vision. However, the two types do have some differences. Eyeglasses are visible to others. They have obvious frames and lenses. In contrast, contact lense is invisible to others, because the lenses are made of transparent materials. This feature of contact lenses does help some people who prefer their appearance without a pair of eyeglasses. Contact lense also eliminates their need for eye surgeries.

Contact lenses can provide the vision correction effects as well as any eyeglasses. Once you put them on, contact lenses “contact” your pupils. Contact lense is large enough to cover your whole pupil even if you turn your eyes around in all directions, so that it can provide complete vision correction. Contact lense just provides unobstructed vision, which is helpful during sports and other activities.

Tips for cheap contact lenses

October 23rd, 2009

Some tips are useful if you want to get cheap contact lenses. Contact lenses are available from various sources and brands as well as in significantly different prices. The following tips provide help in getting cheap contact lens.

Forget some assumptions about cheap contact lenses. Cheap contact lenses are not always provided only by online stores or independent eye care practitioners. Do not assume that you can get cheap contact lens from any seller who offers one particular lens for less.

Contact lenses price may vary considerably in different sources. For cheap contact lens, you need to evaluate all your options including optical stores, mass merchants, Internet sites and eye doctors.

Rebates are helpful to get cheap contact lenses. There are four types of rebates: rebate from the seller, rebate from the manufacturer, rebate for first-time contact lenses wearers and rebate for individuals who buy lenses and get an eye exam. Even taken advantage of only one rebate, cheap contact lenses are ensured.

Health insurance also helps in getting cheap contact lens. Most of the vision insurance programs provide vision benefits including cheap contact lens.

You should consider other factors in addition to cheap contact lenses since price is only one component. Convenience, customer service and bundled products are also important.

By ordering larger quantities, customers can get cheap contact lenses since shipping costs will be removed.

To ensure your cheap contact lens, you should do the math when ordering online, because some websites may be deceptive when totaling your order.