800 Contacts works with Walmart to offer affordable lenses

December 8th, 2009 by Brian Wallace Leave a reply »

Early 2008 the country’s biggest chain Walmart announced its co-operation with the biggest online contact lenses retailer 800 Contacts to offer cheaper but good quality vision care products to its mass customers. This co-operation allows to take full advantage of the doctors in over 3000 Walmart’s optical centers. The ultimate purpose is to offer consumers even more affordable contact lenses and better services.

The call center and website of 800 Contacts help create the efficiencies which enable the alliance to save cost on the purchase of contact lenses. It was reported that consumers may enjoy a 20% price reduction through the co-operation between 800 Contacts and Walmart.

A survey shows that the main reasons why contact lenses wearers over-wear the lenses are the high cost and inconveniences of buying contacts. Doctors warn that over-wearing may cause severe eye complications. All lenses wearers must follow the wearing schedules. 800 Contacts effectively solves all the above two problems by providing a cheaper, healthier and sharper vision to the wearers. At the same time 800 Contacts can make full use of the massive customer base of Walmart and achieve further expansions.

800 Contacts has shipped 15 million orders in 11 years since its inception, and has built up a customer base of 5 million. Via its teaming with Walmart, 800 Contacts can expect its further solidification of its status as the No. 1 online contacts retailer.


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