Brief introduction of Walmart Optical

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Walmart Optical, the in-store vision center located in the nation’s largest discount retailer Walmart stores, offers the most affordable eye care products throughout the country.

Currently there are about 2500 Walmart Optical vision centers across the nation, serving a customer base of 6 million people. Each Walmart Optical has independent or Walmart-employed doctor of optometry to offer very convenient in-house eye exam and prescription to patients.

Walmart Optical owns and runs 3 complete optical labs, which are in Fayetteville Arkansas, Dallas Texas and Crawfordville Indiana. In early 2009, Walmart Optical has just shut down its centralized lab in Columbus Ohio in an attempt to cut cost in the recession time. Now Walmart Optical and Sams club Optical have about 1300 associates in the three labs. These 3 labs take in the order from all the Walmart Optical and Sams club Optical stores and process the eyeglasses for the patients.

As another attempt to serve its customers better Walmart Optical reached an agreement with the nation’s biggest online contact lenses retailer to offer the customers with greater access to the most affordable contact lenses, and meanwhile doctors in Wal mart Optical stores can help offer the previous 1800Contacts customers with professional eye care services.

Statistics show that 55% of the Wal mart Optical customers don’t have health insurance, this makes the Wal mart Optical their best choice. Walmart Optical continues to commit to high quality yet easily accessible optical products for the customers to see better and live healthier lives.


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