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Basic knowledge of contact lenses

October 25th, 2009

Contact lenses have been around for over one hundred years. In those early days, some people were not suitable to wear contact lense since the technologies were not so advanced. But nowadays, contact lenses are available for everyone. And contact lenses today are provided in more options that even colored ones are manufactured.

Contact lenses are one of the three ways that can correct eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The other two are eyeglasses and eye surgery such as LASIK. Actually, contact lense has been the choice of a considerable population. In the United States, about 20 percent of people who need vision correction wear contact lenses.

To some content, contact lenses are special eyeglasses, because they also use lenses to help people improve their vision. However, the two types do have some differences. Eyeglasses are visible to others. They have obvious frames and lenses. In contrast, contact lense is invisible to others, because the lenses are made of transparent materials. This feature of contact lenses does help some people who prefer their appearance without a pair of eyeglasses. Contact lense also eliminates their need for eye surgeries.

Contact lenses can provide the vision correction effects as well as any eyeglasses. Once you put them on, contact lenses “contact” your pupils. Contact lense is large enough to cover your whole pupil even if you turn your eyes around in all directions, so that it can provide complete vision correction. Contact lense just provides unobstructed vision, which is helpful during sports and other activities.