Brief introduction of Vision Direct

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Vision Direct, a division of, was merged into DrugStore in Dec, 2003. Now Vision Direct is DrugStore’s vision division selling branded contact lenses through its online store to North America, Europe and other countries around the world. Presently is one of the 3 biggest online retailers of contact lenses in USA, the other two are and from Canada respectively.

Vision Direct sells on the web the major names of contact lenses such Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA vision, OSI/American Hydron and many other lenses manufacturers. Vision Direct strictly follows the rigorous prescription verification system since its inception, and therefore has gained strong reputation as the leading online retailer of contact lenses.

The purchasing of lenses on is pretty easy by following three simple steps: find your contacts, select your power and color (if available) for both eyes, and fill in the doctor’s name and information. Above information is important for securing best possible service from Vision Direct. It is required that the online retailers need to verify your prescription accuracy and validity with your doctor before agreeing to sell the contact lenses to you.

At Vision Direct, customers can easily find the great discounts and bargains for the name brands lenses. Though some experts and government agencies strongly oppose the purchase of lenses via internet stores, Vision Direct is still gaining popularity among the consumers as what Vision Direct sells is exactly the same as local eye care practitioners as long as you fill in the correct brand name and prescription powers.

Vision Direct offers 24/7 customer services through its call center which are able and willing to answer all the questions from the customers concerning your order information and status, and even knowledge of eyes and eye care.


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