Brief introduction of 1800Contacts

February 4th, 2010 by Brian Wallace Leave a reply »

1800Contacts is the world’s largest contact lenses store through its easy-to-remember telephone number (1800Contacts) and its web facility at 1800Contacts has been running its business since 1998, and has gained big popularity among the contact lenses wearers in North America and around the world.

1800Contacts fully understands the two major frustrations the contact lenses wearers are confronting, one is the high price of the lenses, the other is the inconveniences of buying and picking up from the eye care professional’s office. Now with 1800Contacts, you can simply call 1800Contacts or click on its website, your contact lenses will be shipped to your door, offering a hassle-free service to the patients. 1800Contacts owns the world’s largest inventory of lenses up to 10 million contacts, which encompass almost all the brands in the world. This large stock ensures 1800Contacts can offer the widest possible options to its customers and ensures the fastest delivery. 1800Contacts, through its web and call center, is delivering exactly the same lenses as doctors provide, and meanwhile has greatly reduced the operating cost, making it possible to provide the most affordable contact lenses to its users.

Statistics show that patients will mostly overuse their contact lenses which will cause seriously their eye health. Now 1800Contacts has permanently solved these hassles to enable the wearers to easily follow the wearing schedule, thus securing healthier and more comfortable vision correction.


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