Flexible flexon frames

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In the eyeglasses market, flexon frames are preferred by a large number of people because of their special properties. Flexon frames are made of flexon, a shape memory alloy of titanium. Flexon glasses are light and extremely flexible. Flexon frames can be bent to a significant degree. Their magic is that they can resume the original shape once released. According to statistics, flexon frames are 10 times more flexible than conventional metal frames. Another feature of flexon frames is lightness. Flexon glasses are 25% lighter than conventional glasses. The combination of these features makes flexon glasses comfortable, flexible and durable.

Marchon Eyewear bought flexon from the Beta Group in 1995 and used it to manufacture flexon frames and flexon glasses for years. Now flexon glasses are made in China, Japan and Italy. In addition to flexon glasses, Marchon Eyewear also distributes other brand glasses such as Calvin Klein, DKNY and Nautica. Currently, flexon frames are found in other famous brands. Marchon Eyewear adds flexon frames to its Nike Eyewear adult line, which targets the active pre-teen market. Maui Jim combines its patented PolarizedPlus lens technology with flexon frames.

Flexon glasses are suitable for men, women, teens, and children, especially for those who like peace of mind. Flexon frames are not limited to eyeglasses. They also can be found in flexon sunglasses and flexon clip-on designs. You can check local stores for flexon glasses or order online. Frames Direct has flexon frames in shapes and sizes for both women and men.

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