Good contact lens care improves your eye health

February 6th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Good contact lens care is an important step to wear contacts and keep our eyes healthy and safe. Talking about contact lens care, the contact lens solution may just come up in your mind. But how to use the right contact lens cleaner appropriately also has great importance to contact lens care. The following will state how to make contact lens care and use contact lens cleaner properly.

To have a good contact lens care, one of the most important thing we must remember is to wash and dry our hands before handling any contact lens. Use the contact lens care products as prescribed by eye care professionals, and we must bear in mind to consult with the eye doctor when we change for another contact lens care products, like the contact lens cleaner. To be sure to clean the contact lenses when we remove them, clean the lens case after each use and discard contact lens cleaner solution after each time of use. In addition, when we feel uncomfortable which caused by the lens or contact lens care products, go to eye doctor right away to find out the problem.

As an important contact lens care product, contact lens cleaner also plays an important role in safeguarding our eye health. When we use contact lens cleaner, we have to distinguish different types of contact lens solution for different kinds of contact lens, such as soft and RGB contact lens. Use the very contact lens cleaner and eye drops that eye doctors suggest. And never mix different contact lens cleaner or drops. In addition, don’t use the contact lens cleaner that has expired.


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