Boston Cleaning

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For Boston contact lenses, the proper Boston cleaning is very necessary and important for your eye health and the lens life. The Boston cleaner and solution are recommended to use for daily lens care in Boston cleaning. The below are instructions regarding Boston cleaning recommended to follow:

After removing the lenses at the end of the day, Boston cleaning requires to drop two to four drops of Boston cleaner on both sides of lenses carefully and hold it in your palm for 20 seconds, but please don’t forget to wash hands with mild soap at first. Then rinse the lens with fresh tap water to remove all traces of Boston cleaner. One important point is the Boston cleaner will irritate your eyes if not rinsed thoroughly.  For weekly protein removal, it is recommended to use Boston Cleaner for One Step Liquid Enzyatic. Then place the lens in the case filled with Boston solution for at least 4 hours before wearing. Next morning, it is daily routine that wash your hands firstly and apply a drop of Boston solution to the lens before insertion. So just repeat this Boston cleaning everyday.

For Boston cleaning, besides this, there are also some important factors should not be ignored:

Never reuse the solution and discard it 90 days after opening. And fresh solution is required by Boston cleaning to soak and store lenses.

It is required to clean the interior of the case with hot water and air dry by Boston cleaning.

To avoid potential microbial contamination, the lens case should be replaced at three month.


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