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Cleaning eyeglasses is an inevitable work for all eyewear users. Even if they are encouraged to keep the glasses in a case when not in use, the eyewear will be polluted by dust and other particles when it stays on the face. This tiny task is to some degree complex and requires careful treatment. Some incorrect practices should be avoided. Cleaning eyeglasses on a daily basis is the indispensable way to keep the lenses and vision clear.

What should be removed from eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses may be polluted by dirt, oil, smudge, fingerprint etc. It is necessary to remove all these sources on a daily basis. Doing it every day is the only way to avoid long-term buildup.

Dirty glasses

Correct method for cleaning eyeglasses

Step 1: Wash the glasses using warm water

In this process, most dirt particles and oil on the surface of the lenses can be removed. After working in a dusty environment outdoors, these particles are easy to build upon the lenses. Rinsing the glasses in this way helps in minimizing abrasion and scratches.


Step 2: Dunk eyeglasses with soap

After the first step, some oil or greasy deposits may still stay on the lenses. It is always necessary to use dish soap or mild hand soap to make further lens cleaning. Dunk the glasses in a container filled with warm water and suds from a mild dish soap or mild hand soap. It is encouraged to swish the eyeglasses around in the container.


Step 3: Rinse the eyeglasses with tap water

In this step, running tap water will help wash off the soap liquid. It is important to rotate the glasses so as to get both sides of the lenses washed. Ensure that no washing up liquid remains.


Step 4: Dry it with damp cloth

It is worth emphasizing that the cloth should be folded and touch both sides of the lens at once. Use the thumb, index and middle finger to move the cloth from left to right in slow motion. It is necessary to apply mild force onto the lens.

Damp cloth

Step 5: Check up whether there are stubborn spots or bits of washing-up liquid

After drying up the glasses completely, the final step is to make sure that no stubborn spots or bits of washing liquid have been left up. Then the glasses can be put back onto the face or into the case.


Incorrect practices

a.   Never use a dry cloth to rub hard the lenses. Some people incorrectly use the tail of a shirt to clean eyeglasses. Abrasive fibers contained in clothing fabrics will scratch the lenses.


b.  Facial tissue should also be avoided when trying to dry the lenses, because the wood fibers can damage the lenses.


c.   Avoid hot water when the frame is made of plastic.


d.   Do not use unknown chemical solutions for rinsing or dunking the glasses. Homemade soap water or professional cleaning solutions for eyeglasses are recommended.



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