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The reason for eyeglass scratch repair

Some people need to rely on prescription eyeglasses for day long on a regular basis. Regardless of the lens material, eyeglass lenses may get scratched during daily usage. The good news is that both glass lenses and plastic lenses can be repaired when there is a scratch.

Tools necessary for removing scratches from eyeglasses

Eyeglass scratch repair can be done at home, so that sometimes it is called home remedy for scratches eyeglasses. Some tools are needed, like a soft, lint-free cloth and tap water. Solutions for scratch removal can be furniture polish and petroleum jelly etc.

Detailed steps:

Step 1: Wash and Dry the glasses

Wash complete the scratched lenses in tap water comprehensively. And then dry them with a soft cloth. This is a necessary preparation before applying eyeglass scratch remover. In some cases, it is also feasible to use soap and hot water, so as to remove any dirt or residue on the lenses. This helps clean the lenses thoroughly and facilitate scratch removal. Some people like to wrap the frame in order to prevent it from getting wet.

Step 2: Apply eyeglass scratch remover to the lenses

As mentioned before, furniture polish can be used to remove lens scratches effectively. In this step, just spray some furniture polish on the scratched lens or lenses. It is also possible to use a wood-cleaning spray as an alternative. Another home remedy is to take use of a small amount of petroleum jelly. This solution will help in coating the lens scratches and fill in the crevices. As a result, each scratch will become less noticeable.

Step 3: Rub an eyeglass cloth against each scratch

After applying furniture polish or petroleum jelly onto each scratch, it is also necessary to rub the lenses with a professional cloth mildly in a circular motion. For each time, five seconds are enough.

Step 4: Have a checkup

After rubbing each scratch, it is important to check whether all scratches have been removed. If there is still a scratch, repeat the first three steps until all scratches become invisible.

Step 5: Clean and dry the glasses

Finally, it is a necessity to clean the glasses in depth because the lenses have been applied to the certain solution or scratch remover. This is similar to the first step.

Other solutions that can be taken as eyeglass scratch remover

a. Armour-Etch: This is a professional solution that can be used to deal with coated lenses. It is only necessary to spray this solution to the scratched side of the lens which has an anti-glare coating. This remover is helpful since only the coating layer is scratched, rather than the lens itself.

b. Non-abrasive toothpaste: Some eye care practitioners recommend plain non-abrasive toothpaste for eyeglass scratch repair.

c. Jeweler’s rouge: Eyewear users can also get a small dab of jeweler’s rouge from a jewelry store to repair scratched lenses.

d. Ammonia: It is also feasible to spray a small amount of ammonia as a scratch solution.


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