Materials for making eyeglasses frame

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Modern science of materials offers the world a wider option of materials manufacturing eyeglass frames. The choice of different materials makes the eyeglasses frame differ in look, color, durability, lightness, price and its other factors.

In the present eyeglasses frame industry, two major materials are metal and plastic. Titanium is the most popular material for eyeglasses frame due to its strength, lightweight and corrosion-free features. As pure titanium is too high in cost, people developed titanium alloy by combining other metals like nickel and copper. Memory alloy is a kind of titanium alloy which roughly consists of 50% titanium and 50% nickel. Eyeglasses frame in memory metal may be wrenched or bended and can still restore to its previous look and shape.

Stainless steel is another major metal used in making eyeglasses frame. It is also strong, corrosion-free and light in weight.

Plastic is a very useful material for eyeglasses frame. Plastic is easily moldable and thus the use of plastic greatly reduces the cost of eyeglasses frame. Two major plastic materials are acetate and nylon. Acetate offers wide variety of colors and color combinations. Nylon and nylon-based materials are mainly used in making sports eyeglasses frame which features its strength, durability and lightweight.

Actually, contemporary eyeglasses frame uses both metal and plastic to make the frame look vivid and stylish, as eyeglasses frame is more a piece of fashion ornament.


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