Different Frames of Metal Sunglasses Have Different Characters

July 4th, 2011 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

As we all know that metal sunglass is one of the hottest fashion accessories. Even the old people love to make themselves look fashionable and trendy by wearing metal sunglasses, let alone young people. However, do you know what kind of materials that the metal sunglasses are made from? In fact, metal sunglasses are made from numerous materials not just one as we take for granted. As the user, we should be aware of different types of metal that are used to make your favorite metal sunglasses. Some main metals used for making metal sunglasses are detailed as follows.

Nickel Silver: the metal sunglasses are made from Nickel silver are comparatively cheaper than any other sunglasses. This kind of frame is made by a permutation of nickel, copper and other metals, which are pressed together before electrocution for designing purpose. These frames should be coated with anti-tarnish paint to prevent it from losing its color.

Monel: Monel is another most commonly used alloy when it comes to making sunglasses frames. Moreover, Monel is made by compressing alloys like iron, manganese, nickel, copper, and other durable materials. Sunglasses frame made from Monel are light in weight as well as are very durable. Besides, this kind of sunglasses own anti-corrosion features to make your sunglasses last longer. By the way, owning to its strength, Monel is also used in making body of jet engines. The frame of sunglasses made of Monel also remains in proper shape, even after being used for a long time. The manufacturing process of Monel is improved to make it very tensile. As a result these frames do not break or get damaged easily in case of any mishandling.

Stainless Steel: stainless steel is more often than not used in making frames for higher range of metal sunglasses. It is common known that stainless steel are composed of iron, carbon, and chromium, which are supple enough for adjustments. Stainless steel frames have the ability to resist rust and corrosion.

Aluminum – Magnesium Alloys: The frames of sunglasses made by combining aluminum and magnesium are very strong and durable, which also can last for a longer period of time. Sunglasses with these frames are lightweight, corrosion free, and are very comfortable to wear.

Titanium: sunglasses with titanium frame are publicly considered as the most expensive one. Titanium frame can add an element of glamour and prestige to your look. It is known that titanium is anti-corrosive and extremely strong, compared with all other metals. Moreover, the sunglasses with titanium frame can add some fashion statement to your appearance.


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