Toric Biomedic & Biomedics 55 Contact lenses

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Toric biomedic contact lenses are 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses created to correct astigmatism which is caused by the cornea not being oval. Toric biomedics are manufactured by Ocular Sciences, with 45% ocufilcon and 55 % water contained in the material of lenses which make the toric biomedic contact lenses extremely comfortable to wear and you will never be bothered by eye drying problem. And for some toric biomedic contact lenses, they are slightly tinted and UV-resistance, which make toric biomedic contact lens easy to handle and provide more protections for people. Usually toric biomedic contact lenses can be found under different brands of Softique, Aqualens, Optiflex, Sofmed, Softech, Ultraflex, Polysoft and so on.

Biomedics 55, from Ocular Sciences/American Hydron, are weekly disposable contact lenses offered by Cooper Vision. Outstanding comforts, easy handling and excellent vision are sparking characteristics of Biomedics 55 achieved by its advanced lens design. More important, the soft blue tint of biomedics 55 is good for improving contact handling and location. For the first time contact lens wears, biomedics 55 is a great choice since you can wear the lenses for 2 weeks, just clean them at night and then replace them with a new pair. And biomedics 55 can also provide you with more protection as it is UV blocking. So wearing biomedics 55, you will enjoy the beautiful time of crisp and clear vision as well as excellent comfort.

Just like other contact lenses, toric biomedic and biomedics 55 should be properly and regularly taken care of with the recommended cleaner, solution and methods to clean them at a required time.


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