Eyeglasses with Magnetic Clip on Shades Draw You like Magnet

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Eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades will fulfill your expectation and requirement of both vision correction and vision protection. Such a pair of eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades is definitely going to win popularity among those who suffer from vision problem yet feel like having a go at taking on a stylish look. So much has been touched upon as to the forte of them. You must itch for more information about their working mechanism and related know-how.

The working mechanism of eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades

First and foremost, the highlight consists in the ingenious attachment of magnetic clip on shades to the prescription eyeglasses. As is known to all, magnetic attracts metal material. So the eyeglasses frames must be made from metal-related material, titanium much preferred. Magnetic clip on shades is embedded with a magnet clip from within, which makes them snugly, firmly and closely adhered to the exterior surface of lenses. The shades can be made of glass, polycarbonate, or CR-39. Glass is quite resistant to scratch, but it is also characteristic of being heavy and brittle. Polycarbonate is ideally preferred, but CR-39 offers the optimal visual clarity. Such artfully devised a design ensures that you can simply take them off your prescription glasses if you want to see thing more clearly and also if you are desirous of enjoying UV protection and looking more voguish, you can just put them on and they will snugly fit in place, scarcely giving up on your face. Eyeglasses armed with magnetic clip on shades entitle you to both protections from string light and ultraviolet rays injuring your eyes and vision correction with which they are naturally endowed. Suppose you do not want others to assume you are not wearing prescription glasses, which you are, such magnetic clip on shades can be a very good mask. What is entailed is but gently putting them on. For workers with vision problems who frequently switching working place from outdoors to indoors, it is tremendously bothersome to put on one pair and replace it with another later. With such shades models, you are spared all the ordeal of that. It is just as easy as winking.

The related know-how

If you want to purchase one of such glasses, what is positively recommended is that you shall have a good knowledge of the size and style of your prescription glasses in case they don’t match well with shades with the result of doing damage to your lenses and frames. There are ready-made magnetic clip on shades and also custom-made shades. If you fortunately run into a perfect match, go ahead and make it yours. If the shades on the market do not fit well into your frames, you have to find an optical store to make especially for you.

Eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades are really a blessing bestowed upon you who don’t want to bothered by the incessant switching from glasses with different functions. So make your move and glamorize the world in your view.


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