Do Not Stare at the Computer for a Long Time While Wearing Contact Lenses

April 7th, 2011 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

With contact lenses we can do sports freely and see things clearly, but we should not stare at the computer for a long time. Most of the contact lenses wearers will feel dry in the eyes or have other uncomfortable feelings after facing the computer screen for a long time. This is because they don’t blink eyes frequently. Currently, the commonly used contact lenses are made from high polymer material, so their oxygen permeability is not so good, which prevents the eyes from breathing oxygen to some extent and thus causes the cornea anoxygenous. Besides, the long time staring at computer makes the eyes under high pressure. The normal people blink more than 20 times every minute; while people who wear contact lenses sitting in front of computer blink only 4 to 5 times per minute.

What’s worse, almost all contact lenses will gradually decompose and degenerate under the radiation from the computer. Some of these decomposed micromolecule will reach the crystalline lens through lymph circulation and then combine with the repaired tissue of the crystalline lens, so that to form new polymer. A small amount of polymer will be discharged from the inner part of eyeball to its surface and finally be discharged in the form of gum. However, when the polymer is too much the dust and debris in the eyes will accumulate in the crystalline lens, thus gradually develops into cataract.

Therefore, for myopic people who have to face the computer for a long period everyday, they had better wear framed glasses. If they must wear contact lenses, they should pay attention to the rest of their eyes. For instance, look into the distance after one hour staring at the computer; not rub the eyes but wet them by using the eye drops that don’t contain preservatives when they feel dry in their eyes; take off the contact lenses to leave sufficient time for their eyes to discharge wastes during having rest; and wash hands before taking off their contact lenses when they are going to bed. Moreover, do replace the contact lenses once their service life is exceeded.


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