What Should Contact Lenses Wearers Notice While Camping

March 29th, 2011 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

Many myopic fans of outdoor activities would love to wear contact lenses in the open air, but do you know contact lenses have two enemies, namely cold and dirty. But here are some tips to cope with them.

As we usually contact some dirty things outdoors, if there are dirt or other such small particles between the contact lens and the eyeball our eyes will be painful while they are rolling because of friction which will even lead to permanent eye diseases. Therefore, please make sure your finger is clean when you indeed have to touch your eyeball or take off the contact lenses. If it is impossible to wash your hands with soap, you should at least rinse your fingers that are about to contact your eyes with the water you take with. If there is no water, it is better to wash your finger with the contact lens solution than to contact your eyes directly.

In order to avoid the contact lenses from losing during taking on and off while you are camping, the best solution is to take on and off your contact lenses with your elbow supporting on the damproof pad or sleeping bag. In this way you can easily find your contact lenses even if they fall down the damproof pad or sleep bag by accident. What’s more, they will be much cleaner than falling down on the ground.

Do remember to take a bottle of solution with you while preparing your travel bag before setting out. If you forget to bring it carelessly, you can put the boiled water into a clean vessel, and then use it instead of contact lens solution after it is cooled.

If you intend to stay outdoors for a long time you must take a pair of framed glasses with you, otherwise you will get troubled once your contact lenses are lost. Additionally, OSA points out that long-time wearing of contact lenses is harmful to the eye health, so it is better to wear framed glasses while camping.


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