Task-specific computer glasses

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For those spend a significant amount of time each day working at a computer, computer glasses are needed. Computer glasses are special prescription glasses designed for computer screen reading. The computer screen is usually farther away than reading material is normally held so that your regular reading glasses are not suitable for computer work. The distance between your eyes and the computer screen is considered as the intermediate zone of vision. So the professional computer glasses are the right solution. Like piano glasses and shooting glasses, computer glasses are called task-specific glasses since they are created to meet the visual needs of special activities.

Computer glasses are capable of lessening the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome (CVS). After prolonged computer work, the eyes and the brain react differently to words on the screen and to printed text. Then, CVS is caused. Symptoms often include eyestrain, dry eyes, headache and blurred vision. Accurately prescribed computer glasses will help relieve symptoms caused by CVS.

Before seeing your doctor for a pair of computer glasses, it is recommended to measure your exact work space, including the distance between your monitor and your eyes. This is essential to get the exact prescription of your computer glasses. Sometimes, anti-glare coatings may be added to the lenses of computer glasses in order to reduce the amount of glare from the computer screen.

Computer glasses have several types if equipped with different lenses. The simplest one is the single vision computer glasses, which provide the largest field of computer viewing. Flat-top bifocal computer glasses have a top part for computer vision and a bottom segment for closer reading. Variable focus computer glasses are much like progressive glasses.


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