Convenient and inexpensive clip ons

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Clip ons are really great invention in the modern time. A pair of clip on glasses consists of at least two rimless lenses and a bridge connecting them. Clip ons have two extended upper and lower clips at the back side of the lenses. The clips are usually attracted by one magnetic body between them. They are set at an inner side near a rear edge. At least one of the clips of clip on glasses is pivotally movable relatively to another. With such a structure, clip ons can be firmly connected to a pair of regular glasses in the front.

Clip ons provide the most convenience. If you wear correction glasses, you can just buy a pair of clip on glasses for other purpose. They eliminate the necessity of buying another complete pair of glasses so that save you money. Clip ons come in different uses. The common types are night vision clip on glasses and clip on sunglasses.

Driving at night is an entertainment for most drivers because the roads in city are always crowded during daytime. However, night driving increases the risk of accidents. Night vision clip on glasses can easily solve this problem. Night vision clip ons are made of a special material which filters the incoming light. It helps you to better observe the other cars or pedestrians during night driving. These clip ons are extremely light to reduce the total weight.

Clip on sunglasses are the most popular among clip ons. These clip on glasses can offer full UV protection just like normal sunglasses. Since sunglasses are so widely used, clip on glasses provide great help even if they are lost. You can just order another pair, rather than replacing the lenses. Clip on sunglasses are manufactured by the majority of notable brands in all colors.


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