A comparison between prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses

May 29th, 2010 by Mark Burns Leave a reply »

The popularity of clip on sunglasses in the eyewear industry is to a large degree reasonable. It reflects people’s natural pursuit for savings because prescription sunglasses are usually considerably more expensive. In fact, prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses have both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, prescription sunwear is convenient because it eliminates the necessity to put on and take off the clip ons. Participating in an outdoor activity, a single pair of Rx sunwear will be enough for vision defected people. However, Rx sunglasses cost much more than regular Rx glasses, ordinary sunwear and even a combination of both. In addition, prescription sunglasses are unnecessary when the wearer enters an indoor environment because sunlight is absent. Using an expensive pair of Rx sunwear can thus be wasteful.

Meanwhile, we should also recognize that clip on sunglasses are not perfect, for they require probably frequent clipping and removing. But they are quite more affordable by ordinary individuals than prescription sunglasses. For most users, it is acceptable to clip on extra sunshade onto their regular Rx eyeglasses. Another benefit of using clip ons is that it is easy to get another pair if the old pair gets lost, scratched or even broken. The reason is that clip ons are separate and it is unnecessary to spend a lot of extra money on a pair of prescription sunglasses. Currently, clip ons come from the simplest styles to high end designer styles. This enables their wearers to enjoy various looks, which is the reason why many people keep more than one pair for different circumstances.

Nowadays, clip on sunglasses are available at mainly three types, magnetic clip-ons, magnetic flip-ups and true clips. Magnetic clip ons are usually polarized and can block out harmful UV rays and glare. Their magnetic feature makes them easy to use and just “click” into place. Nearly no effort is needed to snap them on. Magnetic flip-ups are also magnetic but they require a bit effort to put onto the frame. The benefit is that they do not require additional effort of removing and putting back. They will flip right up when UV protection is unnecessary. The third type is true clips, which have claws that hook to the regular frame. Of course, they are the most cumbersome to put on and take off.


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