Three major types of cheaters glasses

May 28th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Eyeglass buyers may find lots of eyewear models at a large local optical store. And the diversity of eyeglass products is even wider at an online shop than a traditional one. It is quite easy to get confused by so many cheaters glasses in different styles or designs. Currently, eyewear devices come in different functions that vision rectifying is no longer the only purpose in buyers’ mind. Many non-functional cheaters are widely designed and produced by renowned and subtle brands. In fact, there are mainly three types of cheaters that fill the eyewear market in modern time: regular prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective cheaters.

It is still not an era in which prescription eyewear plays a supplementary role. Cheaters made with specific prescriptions still occupy a major proportion of the eyeglass market. Many customers may argue that eyewear models for solely fashion pursuit have soared considerably during the past years. That is also true but believe it or not, it is a fact that Rx eyewear is still the mainstream. Eyeglasses were firstly invented in order to help a small number of people correct a vision problem. In the current time, the group who suffers a refractive error or presbyopia is dramatically larger than decades or even hundreds ago. Cheaters in different powers are really the most popular solution.

The second major type is sunglasses. It is good news that modern technologies have made it possible to incorporate needed powers into sunglass lenses which usually have colors. Cheaters glasses belonging to this basic category thus are currently available at Rx and non prescription models. All of us know that sunglasses are mainly for eye protection in sunlight. The breakthrough described before is a great gift for people with a need for vision aid while participating in outdoor activity. UV protection and vision correction can be achieved at the same time. Of course, traditional sunglasses remain as the major player within this category.

The third basic type of cheaters glasses is protective eyewear. Eyeglasses within this category are less frequently used because they are mainly for dangerous work. A more popular term is safety eyeglasses or goggles. Even if they occupy a small portion of the pie, safety cheaters are a necessity for workers who stay in a risky workplace.


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