How can a businessman find and choose a good location for running a glasses shop?

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Glasses shop, also known as optical shop, provides people with the eye care service, such as the prescription eyeglasses, prescription contact lenses, eyeglasses repair and so on. Some glasses shop also sells sunglasses, although there are professional sunglasses shops selling only sunglasses. Sunglasses shop or glasses shop seems to attract a lot of businessmen, especially to those who himself is an ophthalmologist or optometrist for the reason of professional skills. Setting up a sunglasses shop or glasses shop is not easy. You must know something about market strategy, shop location and customer demography, etc.

The principle of a sunglasses shop location choice is introduced in the following, and it is the same when you want to operate a glasses shop.

When you locate your sunglasses shop in a downtown mall with more high-end brands, it is better to sell the high-end sunglasses with gorgeous decoration. Although the rent occupies a large amount of your shop’s overhead, you have the advantage of being exposed to huge potential customers. People come to the mall care more about brand and style of the sunglasses but not the price, so you are suggested to provide with reputable top brands, fashionable style and excellent service.

When you open your sunglasses shop in a strip mall with more low-end brands, it is better to offer the discount top brand sunglasses or unique sunglasses. Although the strip mall is usually located far away from the downtown and not exposed to the huge potential customers, the discount of top brand sunglasses itself is quite attracting. People would prefer to travel a long way to get a good deal on the purchase. Furthermore, the renting cost is relatively low.

When you choose to run your sunglasses shop at a market stall, it is better to provide with cheap but high quality sunglasses. Although the profit of a single pair of sunglasses may be low, there will be a steady customer flow. If you can sell more sunglasses, you can also earn a lot. Furthermore, the renting cost is extremely low here.

Please remember that the products determine your shop location, and the location determines the market strategy you should adopt. After you study the customer demographics well, you are sure to choose a most proper location of your glasses shop or sunglasses shop, and your shop will work well without question.


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