Black glasses in the past and today

October 13th, 2009 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Black glasses are among the most popular and widely choosen. When you wander in retail eyeglasses shops or browse on the websites, you will find that black eyewear is the majority.

During the initial stage of eyeglasses development, there were no colorful eyeglasses, only black glasses were available. Though eyeglasses are provided in all basic colors and even compound colors today, black eyewear was the single choice in those days. The small market may be one reason. In those days, few people bought eyeglasses. Black glasses were generally formal and universal. Both male and female can accept black eyewear. Another reason may be the materials. The colorful materials of both frames and lens coatings that are widely used today are mostly artificially composed. These colorful artificial materials require modern technologies and skills. However, these technologies were not available in those early days of eyeglasses. Black glasses only needed simple techniques so that it was not surprising that black eyewear played a major role.

Currently, black glasses are also competitive. People can easily find eyeglasses in all colors, such as green, blue, red, creamy etc… Some of them are also combined to create special vision effects. These colorful eyeglasses do have seized certain proportion of the market, because they flatter the particular needs of a certain group of people. However, black glasses still remain as the major role. Black eyewear can meet the most tastes of ordinary people. And people need black glasses under most formal circumstances. Black eyewear will hardly bring you unpleasant appearance. Nowadays, nearly all of the eyeglasses brands provide black glasses.


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