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Sunshine is All Around You

March 31st, 2014

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Sexy Sunglasses Make You Radient in The Summer Sun

May 21st, 2012

With the summer in the air, have you all been ready to embrace it with the utmost enthusiasm and vigor? It is well known that summer belongs to outdoorsy activities and sports. With the hot sun and good weather, you would definitely miss a lot if you stayed in the room. Hot sun provides one good aspect about the summer and also one bad. The fatal and life threatening UV radiation and annoying glare have made millions upon millions of outdoor life lovers hesitating with regret. Sunglasses have conventionally been the ideal tool to prevent those harmful lights, and as it evolves, the style and fashion value of those sunglasses have become a primary factor that people consider when they purchase. In this upcoming summer, what will lead the fashion trend in the sunglasses department? We dare say sexy sunglasses.

In today’s age, sexy is a universal buzzword that cold be applied to almost every thing in our lives. When a society is so sexy-oriented, it helps when we play along the game. The looks may not mean everything, but it could certainly attract attention and bring about some opportunities. Sexy sunglasses are a must have to make your face glowing and ravishing in the hot sun. With their audacious and bald designs and eyes catching colors and hues, it’s hard for you not to become the center of the spotlight wherever you go.

Mostly, sexy sunglasses come with unconventional designs that reflect a vibe of playfulness and audacity. Women’s favourite cat eye sunglasses is such an example. The unprecedented freshness that such style brought to women’s eyewear was merely ground-breaking. Even today, when so many other styles have come and gone, cat eye sunglasses remains a classic model of sexy sunglasses. Ladies who dream of a hot summer better get their hands on them sexy sunglasses before it’s too late.

Horn-rimmed Sunglasses: A Classic In the Making

August 24th, 2011

Nowadays, sunglasses are no longer worn solely for the purpose of eye protection. Fashion value has driven over functionality and become the most looked at and worried about characteristics of a pair of sunglasses. Speaking of fashion, an interesting and somewhat weird fact about it is that it repeats itself. As our friends in the fashion business like to say, everything old could be new again. This year, one of the old things that are new again are horn-rimmed sunglasses. You can see them worn by people practically everywhere from the Hollywood red-carpets to the world’s most famous beaches to average households. Like many other classic vintage styles that have a long history behind them and somehow managed to stand the test of time and stay in vogue, horn-rimmed sunglasses are showing a surprisingly strong potential for longevity that will undoubtedly make them the next candidate for that classic hall of fame list.
horn-rimmed sunglasses

With their origins tracing back to the 19th century Europe, horn-rimmed sunglasses got extremely popular in the United States in the 20th century. Famous actors like Harold Lloyd and music icon Buddy Holly wore them at the time, creating a trend and contributing much to its height. After the peek horn-rimmed sunglasses’ popularity waned for a period of time, but before long they found their spokesman in the new century. Hollywood megastar Johnyy Depp’s devotion to this type of glasses has literally rejuvenated the almost distinct style and put it high up there among the most fashionable accessories of our time.

As can be implied by the name, horn-rimmed sunglasses are those shades with frames made of animal horns and tortoise shell. Initially, these frames were made from real horns and tortoise shell. However, as the result of relentless efforts by the environmentalists and rise of environmental awareness among the general public, manufacturers started to resort to plastic frames and dye them in colors so as to simulate or replicate the look of real horns and shell. As the time goes by, people don’t refer the phrase “horn-rimmed sunglasses” to real horn and tortoise shell made sunglasses anymore, but rather any bold black heavy and “in your face” type of frames that’s out there.

As a much loved style that’s been around for almost two centuries, horn-rimmed sunglasses always give out a look that resembles that of the old times. In this age that value vintage look and retro edge so much, nothing comes before a pair of horn-rimmed sunglasses. Plus, these classic shades have made many adjustments to appeal to the new generation of wearers. Take color for example, these shades come in a huge variety of colors. For the male consumers, black, amber and brown fit the bill, while for the female demography, redwood tortoise and semi blond are the ways to go.

Dark Sunglasses Are of Many Benefits

August 9th, 2011

If your eyes are sensitive to extreme lighting conditions, you may need a pair of dark sunglasses. These sunglasses with exceptionally dark lenses not only block 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays like their normal charcoal counterparts do, but also filter some of the bright light so that the wearers can be spared from eye strains and headaches that they otherwise would undoubtedly have. For people constantly finding themselves dealing with those problems, dark sunglasses are certainly the good news.

Besides them, dark sunglasses also come in handy for poker players. Whether your are a professional poker player who make his living out of the bucks he wins on the table or an occasional participator who decides to try his luck, you want your intensions and facial expressions hidden from your opponents. And to achieve that effect, nothing works better than dark sunglasses. With those sunglasses, you can clearly see others’ reactions to the game, yet others can never see through the dark lenses to know what you have on your mind.
dark sunglasses

Dark sunglasses have always been a favorite for men. Whether the classic black suit shoes and dark sunglasses look from the IBM corporate culture or every secret agent that’s ever been portrayed in a movie, all say but one thing: men love dark sunglasses. And out of all the styles in dark sunglasses for men, one that has stood the test of time is aviator sunglass. More than a half century after they are originally born, these classic dark sunglasses are still very much around and dominate the sunglasses fashion scene as we know it. And as the fashion taste goes further down that masculine and bold end today, dark sunglasses are getting more and more following among women as well. Hollywood actresses love sporting a pair of dark sunglasses that hide their faces from the fans and especially the paparazzi. And if added with a nicely fitted hat or scarf, they can then even have the rarely enjoyed luxury of walking down the street without being recognized by others.

dark sunglass

Most dark sunglasses are reasonably priced if you don’t want to go for that fancy designer look and top notch brand names. However, there are always some places online where you can buy cheap dark sunglasses. Look up firmoo if you want to get one pair online. There you will find quality dark sunglasses at shockingly low prices. And our refund policy makes your shopping there risk free. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and do quick search on firmoo, and you will get what you want.

dark sunglasses 3

Retro Vintage Sunglasses: Adding Retro style to Your Shades

August 3rd, 2011

Sunglasses have come a long way, from the pure functional device in the beginning to today’s fashion statements. Nowadays, styles and trends in the sunglasses world are changing faster than any other time in history. However, in this colorful and rich fusion of styles and trends, retro vintage sunglasses have endured the test of time. You don’t even have to go back to the still images or motion pictures of the 60s, 70s or 80s to find those classic shades. These styles can still be found on people’s faces around us everyday. Renovations on Ray Ban’s Aviators and Wayfarers dominate the sunglasses scene up to this very day, while the trace of Carrere and Persol can still be found on the latest launched designer sunglasses. As it turns out, when it comes to sunglasses fashion, some things will never pass away.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses

One of the most longevous styles of retro sunglasses for men is aviator sunglasses. Originally, those shades were specially designed by Ray Ban for the U.S. Air force in the 1930s. Later the model garnered huge love from male consumers since it really gives out that masculine hunky and macho man look. In the 80s, aviator sunglasses embraced its heydays as smash hit action flicks like Top Gun and Tie Hard and those bad ass characters in those movies made it sweeping every man’s wardrobe. Today, the classic 80s vintage look are still very much around. Although renovated on some details, the model’s typical thin wire frames and teardrop dripping shape have remained the same, claiming its dominance in the fashion world.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses

Although not typically called wrap-arounds, aviator sunglasses belong to the large retro sunglasses category. After all, they do usually cover about three times larger than the average human eye socket. Beside aviators, other classic vintage sunglasses that are exceptionally large are Carrera sunglasses. In addition to being large enough to cover about half of your faces, which is really what the fashion taste today is all about, masculine and bold, and these glasses add a much more sporty and sturdy design.  No wonder they can keep selling like hotcakes for decades.

aviator sunglasses

Retro vintage sunglasses are the latest trends in the sunglasses world. If you want a pair of those, you may first ask the elders in your family and see if any of them have kept some of the most exclusive and obscure ones in their days. These are the real valuable ones and they rock on your face. If not, you can always go online and find some cheap vintage sunglasses. They may not valuable as much as those real ones, but they can function just as fine when it comes to creating the cool look.

Wraparound Sunglasses: A Trend Striking Back Half a Century Later

July 23rd, 2011

It is no secret that sunglasses now have more than one usage. Fundamentally, they are used in weakening the glare caused by excessive sunlight and reflection and blocking out harmful UV rays to offer protection for your eyes. Besides that, they serve as an important fashion accessory. Furthermore, it is a good way to hide natural emotions and facial expression to prevent over-exposure to the ubiquitous paparazzi. OK, that last one might only apply to celebrities. But what I am saying is that they can’t be taken only as your old eye protection tool any more. There is more to them than just sunlight protection. And sometimes their fashion value rides over their actual function and becomes the No. 1 feature of a certain type of sunglasses.

When it comes to fashion, the trends are always like a cycle, meaning one trend that was prevalent twenty years ago could be hot unexpectedly at any time. Wraparound sunglass is one of those trends. These glasses belong to the oversized sunglasses category since they have some of the biggest frames ever. In the mean time, they are called Onassis sunglasses by insiders and glasses savvy people. There is a nice story behind the nickname, which is derived from the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of President Kennedy. Because of her passion about wraparound sunglasses and wearing them in public, those chic glasses got extremely popular during the 60s. And now they are striking back.

Being on the top of the wardrobe lists of many Hollywood superstars including Anne Hathaway and Catherine Zeta-Jones, designer wraparound sunglasses are creating another craze among glasses lovers all over the world. However, from a regular glasses purchaser’s point of view, these designer international brands may come across as too expensive. For them, those replica ones inspired by the designer sunglasses are a good option. They are tagged with relatively cheaper prices and can offer similar styles as well as quality. Besides, they can provide you with as many choices as their authentic counterparts. Take colors as an example. There are such colors like black metallic, black silver, brown clear and lavender clear among these replica sunglasses for you to choose from. No less than any top brand models that might be sold at a price a couple of hundreds bucks higher.

Get to Know More about John Lennon Sunglasses

July 21st, 2011

When it comes to sunglasses, every one may say that sunglasses are eye wares which are broadly used to protect our eyes from UV rays and glare, especially in hot summer. Maybe, some of us have got some knowledge about sunglasses such as prescription sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and retro sunglasses. However, when referring to John Lennon Sunglasses, few people know about this kind of sunglasses. And this passage will mainly introduce something about John Lennon Sunglasses, a classic style of sunglasses.


John Lennon Sunglasses are a kind of unique retro round sunglasses. The most obvious character of this type of sunglasses is their large, circular lenses and thin wire frame. Such round sunglasses are originally known as Teashades. At the very beginning, they were often worn by members of the sixties counterculture or hippie movement hence the use of the term hippie sunglasses. The original Teashade design was made up of medium-sized, perfectly round lenses, supported by pads at the bridge of the nose and a thin wire frame. It was the famous band the Beatles member, John Lennon that made these round sunglasses become popular in the 1960s. John Lennon was known as a solo musician, political activist, artist, actor and author, who often wore these special round sunglasses. As a result, these round style sunglasses were named after John Lennon sunglasses to monumentalize this great musician. After that, rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia and Ozzy Osbourne all wore them. Besides, John Lennon sunglasses also appeared on the faces of movie stars such as Johnny Depp and in films such as “Natural Born Killers.” And most recently, Mary-Kate Olsen, Amber Le Bon and “Gossip Girl” Taylor Mommsen have further revived interest in them by frequently wearing classically styled round sunglasses.


John Lennon sunglasses are darkened glasses. Of course, as a type of sunglasses, their basic function is to provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Keeping up with the fashion, the color of the lenses of such sunglasses varies such as green, grey or brown. Just like other kind of sunglasses, John Lennon sunglasses lenses are typically made from materials including glass, plastic and polycarbonate. And the frame of this kind of sunglasses is generally made from plastic, nylon, metal or metal alloy.


John Lennon sunglasses are a classic style of retro sunglasses. Recently the glasses are enjoying a surge in popularity brought on by the recent swing towards retro fashion. They are especially the favorite eyewear for many established and aspiring rock stars. If you are a rock fan, you may like this kind of sunglasses.

Oversized Sunglasses: the Fashion Choice for the Summer

July 20th, 2011

When it comes to fashion, nothing is more important than the little accessories that you put on. In this season of the year, with the hot sun making more and more of its presence during the day, one of the things that we’ll surely be seeing more and more of are sunglasses. Oversized sunglass in particular is one style that is gaining more and more love and followers throughout the years. Ever since the glamorous first lady, Jackie Kennedy, wore them in public during the 60s, they have been popular with the public. And now they have even become the single most popular sunglass style in the industry.


Putting on a pair of oversized sunglasses instantly makes you feel like the world is in your oyster, giving you that confidence you need in any occasion of your life, whether it being in the office place or at a party. They attract people’s attention and immediately put you in the center of the spotlight everywhere. The exaggerated shape always gives out that bold and passionate vibe is reflected in so many celebrity personalities. Superstars love them. They can be spotted worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood any time of the week. And because of these celebrities’ huge publicity and influence, it’s getting more and more common to see regular people on the street wearing a pair of super huge sunglasses as well.

Just who has worn the largest oversized sunglasses? You may ask. Well, there is the always luscious Paris Hilton. The hotel heiress is almost a spokeswoman for this type of sunglasses. Paris’ childhood friend and also a celebrity on her own part Nicole Richie is also an oversized sunglasses maniac. She is certainly not afraid to put on those glasses that cross over her eyebrows to her cheeks.  Besides those two, Jessica Simpson and Mary-Kate Olsen (shown below) have both been seen wearing some of the most ridiculously large sunglasses, too. When it comes to wearing up for fashion, these women are certainly not afraid to take risks.

Oversized sunglasses are available in almost every designer sunglass label from Gucci to Louis Vuitton. People should choose oversized sunglasses according to their personal preferences. However, no matter what brand you choose in the end, these glasses will surely be fun to put on. After all, they are the most popular sunglass style for the season. So, if you’re looking for sunglasses that will spice up your summer this year, oversized models are the way to go.

Novelty Sunglasses: Fun and Creative Sunglasses for Many Occasions

July 19th, 2011

Are you tired of those conventionally shaped sunglasses or intending to spice up the vibe for a special occasion? Novelty sunglasses may come in handy. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe, enhance the theme of a party or show your festive spirit.

What exactly are novelty sunglasses, you may ask. Well, basically, they are sunglasses in fun and exciting shapes, usually designed for a specific theme. Sunglasses with specific logos from companies who are trying to advertise their own products can be categorized as novelty sunglasses as well. For example sunglasses are shaped like beer bottles or cars. Endless styles are available when it comes to novelty sunglasses. However, Bright colors, outstanding shapes and creative designs are the general elements that most novelty sunglasses feature.


So when exactly do people need sunglasses like these?  Well, as it turns out, quite a number of occasions call for this type of fun and exciting sunglasses.


When it comes to occasions for novelty sunglasses, Halloween hit our minds firstly.  It is the time of year to dress up and have fun. During the Halloween period, novelty sunglasses in the shape of pumpkins, witches and ghosts become especially popular among kids and sometimes adults alike. Putting these glasses on immediately enhances the wearer’s overall costume and turns the atmosphere of the holiday up. Just image a couple of kids running around in those pumpkin-shaped sunglasses and you know that it’s Halloween time.


St. Patrick’s Day

As the celebration for Irish people all over the world, St. Patrick’s Day is a day to dress in green and drink beer. With a stunning pair of shamrock sunglasses, you can enhance your outfit and show your love for the Irish at the same time. If you happen to be in Irish or any Irish community in the States, it will the perfect way to start a conversation as soon as you step into a local pub.



For kids, birthdays are always the best day of the year, and you only get one birthday a year. As a result, many parents have a headache in trying to think of ways to make their little prince or princess happy that day. If you are a parent who is having this problem, why not try some novelty sunglasses. All kids love dressing up, whether them being boys or girls. There are a number of birthday sunglasses available which will make the best day of the year even better for your kids. For girls, glasses shaped in fruits or cute flowers are good choices and with boys, you can never go wrong with frames shaped like little crowns. Whether you choose them to tell a message to your kids or just to make them feel your love, novelty sunglasses are always the perfect addition to any birthday party.


Bring Out the Sunglasses When the Sun Goes Up

July 15th, 2011

To protect against the sun on these hot July days, it becomes just as important to take care of your eyes as it does your skin. Sunglasses are more than just a very popular summertime fashion accessory, as they are necessary in shielding your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays.


Like sunscreen, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which can cause damage over the long term. The level of sensitivity to UV rays varies with each person, and sensitivity can also be increased with certain types of mediation. Most pairs of sunglasses nowadays have 100 percent UV protection, even the cheap plastic kind. The different between those and higher priced designer pairs is in quality. A more expensive pair will have better quality lenses that do not distort the wearer’s view.

The most recommended type of sunglasses is ones with brown or amber lenses, which eliminates “blue light.” Blue light is highly visible light that causes macular degeneration, a break down of the important back part of the retinas which takes in light and translates that to the brain. Other options include sunglasses with polarized lenses, also called polarized sunglasses. Although they can be more expensive, polarized lenses filter out other reflected light from shiny surfaces, such as water or snow. The experts strongly recommend them for boaters or for driving long distances on hot days. Moreover, transition lenses, lenses that go darker based on the light, are very popular for budget reason. But the experts point out that they are not “true sunglasses,” as they do not go as dark as regular shades.

The experts also remind parents that eye protection is just as important for children as it is for adults. As it is difficult to keep sunglasses on a baby, however, he said a large brimmed hat will do the trick.