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Oversized Sunglasses: the Fashion Choice for the Summer

July 20th, 2011

When it comes to fashion, nothing is more important than the little accessories that you put on. In this season of the year, with the hot sun making more and more of its presence during the day, one of the things that we’ll surely be seeing more and more of are sunglasses. Oversized sunglass in particular is one style that is gaining more and more love and followers throughout the years. Ever since the glamorous first lady, Jackie Kennedy, wore them in public during the 60s, they have been popular with the public. And now they have even become the single most popular sunglass style in the industry.


Putting on a pair of oversized sunglasses instantly makes you feel like the world is in your oyster, giving you that confidence you need in any occasion of your life, whether it being in the office place or at a party. They attract people’s attention and immediately put you in the center of the spotlight everywhere. The exaggerated shape always gives out that bold and passionate vibe is reflected in so many celebrity personalities. Superstars love them. They can be spotted worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood any time of the week. And because of these celebrities’ huge publicity and influence, it’s getting more and more common to see regular people on the street wearing a pair of super huge sunglasses as well.

Just who has worn the largest oversized sunglasses? You may ask. Well, there is the always luscious Paris Hilton. The hotel heiress is almost a spokeswoman for this type of sunglasses. Paris’ childhood friend and also a celebrity on her own part Nicole Richie is also an oversized sunglasses maniac. She is certainly not afraid to put on those glasses that cross over her eyebrows to her cheeks.  Besides those two, Jessica Simpson and Mary-Kate Olsen (shown below) have both been seen wearing some of the most ridiculously large sunglasses, too. When it comes to wearing up for fashion, these women are certainly not afraid to take risks.

Oversized sunglasses are available in almost every designer sunglass label from Gucci to Louis Vuitton. People should choose oversized sunglasses according to their personal preferences. However, no matter what brand you choose in the end, these glasses will surely be fun to put on. After all, they are the most popular sunglass style for the season. So, if you’re looking for sunglasses that will spice up your summer this year, oversized models are the way to go.

Buy oversized sunglasses for fashion and eye protection

June 11th, 2010

In each summer, one of the most helpful accessories would likely be a pair of oversized sunglasses. Kids, ladies and gentlemen all need proper eye protection against fierce sunlight which contain hazard ultraviolet rays. It has been widely recognized through lots of research that excessive exposure to UV rays, especially in youngsters, will much likely cause cataracts and potentially retinal diseases. Moreover, these conditions will be more serious or severe as people grow old. Till now, sunglasses have still been the most popular and simplest solution to eye protection of this kind. Since this sort of protection is quite necessary for individuals of any age, the sunwear market is very huge, especially in modern times when the overall living standards around the world keep increasing. What’s more, the sunwear world has also progressed significantly in terms of product variety.

Small sunglasses, large sunglasses and oversized sunglasses describe one dimension of this extension. Red sunglasses, yellow sunglasses and orange sunglasses indicate another approach to sunwear diversification. The diverse of sunwear products can also be exemplified by the wide availability of sunglass styles like the Aviator style and cat-eye style. In particular, sunglasses in a super large size are widely selected by people all over the world. The unbelievable popularity of oversized sunwear has two major reasons. The first and foremost reason is that sunglasses with large frames and lenses can hide the face and emotions from the outside world to a maximum degree. Even if much attention has been paid to eyewear look, achieving as much eye protection as possible remains still a critical consideration among sunwear users.

The other major reason for the extreme popularity of oversized sunglasses is associated with the fashion sense created by this style. Large and extremely large sunglasses can be a perfect decoration for people who have a large face. The guideline is that the frame size and the face size should be generally in scale. A large face with bold features can go with oversized sunwear better than a small face with delicate features. Wearing such a pair on the beach or on a golf court is really fashionable.

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