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Bring Out the Sunglasses When the Sun Goes Up

July 15th, 2011

To protect against the sun on these hot July days, it becomes just as important to take care of your eyes as it does your skin. Sunglasses are more than just a very popular summertime fashion accessory, as they are necessary in shielding your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays.


Like sunscreen, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which can cause damage over the long term. The level of sensitivity to UV rays varies with each person, and sensitivity can also be increased with certain types of mediation. Most pairs of sunglasses nowadays have 100 percent UV protection, even the cheap plastic kind. The different between those and higher priced designer pairs is in quality. A more expensive pair will have better quality lenses that do not distort the wearer’s view.

The most recommended type of sunglasses is ones with brown or amber lenses, which eliminates “blue light.” Blue light is highly visible light that causes macular degeneration, a break down of the important back part of the retinas which takes in light and translates that to the brain. Other options include sunglasses with polarized lenses, also called polarized sunglasses. Although they can be more expensive, polarized lenses filter out other reflected light from shiny surfaces, such as water or snow. The experts strongly recommend them for boaters or for driving long distances on hot days. Moreover, transition lenses, lenses that go darker based on the light, are very popular for budget reason. But the experts point out that they are not “true sunglasses,” as they do not go as dark as regular shades.

The experts also remind parents that eye protection is just as important for children as it is for adults. As it is difficult to keep sunglasses on a baby, however, he said a large brimmed hat will do the trick.

Benefits of Polarized Optics and Polarized eyewear

April 4th, 2010

Polarized optics or polarized eyewear, including polarized sunglasses, driving glasses, shooting glasses and polarized clip-ons, etc., which performs different from ordinary ones, has been getting in popularity. Therefore, there’s a need to come down to what polarized optics bring to us, the benefit of polarized optics.

Light waves travel in so many directions that when they come to water, snow, and wet floor, reflective glare creates which reduces visual acuity, distort color, causes temporary blindness and so on. Unfortunately, eyewear we conventionally wear merely lessen the intensity of glare but never completely cut off it and light transmits trough lens horizontally and vertically. On the contrary, polarized optics absorb light waves traveling in any direction other than the vertical plane, which means that light transmits polarized optics only in one direction. By this way glare that come from other directions is impossible to pass through polarized eyewear. What’s more, another merit polarized optics possess that makes them surpass others is its adjustment of visual contrast and improvement of color recognition. Thus drivers wearing polarized optics will be able to differentiate a red light from green in case of causing accident.

Polarized optics serves a purpose in every outdoor activity to protect eyes. With polarized eyewear, fishermen will see fishes swimming freely in the water; with polarized eyewear, photographers will have a more charming vision in the sunshine; with polarized eyewear, golfers will be allowed to follow their balls and accurately determine how far the hole from them are.