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Get to Know More about John Lennon Sunglasses

July 21st, 2011

When it comes to sunglasses, every one may say that sunglasses are eye wares which are broadly used to protect our eyes from UV rays and glare, especially in hot summer. Maybe, some of us have got some knowledge about sunglasses such as prescription sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and retro sunglasses. However, when referring to John Lennon Sunglasses, few people know about this kind of sunglasses. And this passage will mainly introduce something about John Lennon Sunglasses, a classic style of sunglasses.


John Lennon Sunglasses are a kind of unique retro round sunglasses. The most obvious character of this type of sunglasses is their large, circular lenses and thin wire frame. Such round sunglasses are originally known as Teashades. At the very beginning, they were often worn by members of the sixties counterculture or hippie movement hence the use of the term hippie sunglasses. The original Teashade design was made up of medium-sized, perfectly round lenses, supported by pads at the bridge of the nose and a thin wire frame. It was the famous band the Beatles member, John Lennon that made these round sunglasses become popular in the 1960s. John Lennon was known as a solo musician, political activist, artist, actor and author, who often wore these special round sunglasses. As a result, these round style sunglasses were named after John Lennon sunglasses to monumentalize this great musician. After that, rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia and Ozzy Osbourne all wore them. Besides, John Lennon sunglasses also appeared on the faces of movie stars such as Johnny Depp and in films such as “Natural Born Killers.” And most recently, Mary-Kate Olsen, Amber Le Bon and “Gossip Girl” Taylor Mommsen have further revived interest in them by frequently wearing classically styled round sunglasses.


John Lennon sunglasses are darkened glasses. Of course, as a type of sunglasses, their basic function is to provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Keeping up with the fashion, the color of the lenses of such sunglasses varies such as green, grey or brown. Just like other kind of sunglasses, John Lennon sunglasses lenses are typically made from materials including glass, plastic and polycarbonate. And the frame of this kind of sunglasses is generally made from plastic, nylon, metal or metal alloy.


John Lennon sunglasses are a classic style of retro sunglasses. Recently the glasses are enjoying a surge in popularity brought on by the recent swing towards retro fashion. They are especially the favorite eyewear for many established and aspiring rock stars. If you are a rock fan, you may like this kind of sunglasses.

Legendary John Lennon sunglasses

August 3rd, 2010

John Lennon sunglasses are special in name since they are almost remembered as part of John Lennon. Mr. Lennon was particularly fond of this certain type of sunglasses. He rarely got photographed without wearing his John Lennon sunglasses. Through his creative career, John Lennon was a solo musician, political activist, artist and author. To some content, John Lennon sunglasses were made as a memorial to him.

John Lennon sunglasses have round frames and thin temples. The frame was typically made of metal or metal alloy. Modern variations of John Lennon sunglasses can be tinted with different colors, such as red, blue, orange and green.

There was a classic picture portraying one of rock’s couples, John and Yoko. The picture showed the frame of John Lennon sunglasses from the side, dramatically highlighted by Lennon’s profile and Yoko’s intense gaze. This portrait of John Lennon sunglasses broke the common sense that shows a frame from the front. The style of his John Lennon sunglasses was out of step with most of the eyewear trends during 1970s. Lennon’s taste in eyewear was timeless as evidenced by the fact that John Lennon sunglasses have thrived via these decades.

Today, the mainstream society has embraced John Lennon sunglasses. They are regularly searched and the sales figures show no slowing down. Nearly any sunglasses fan owns one John Lennon sunglasses. If you participate in rock concerts, you can see dozens of people wearing them. And you can find these sunglasses in most of the glasses stores and all over the Internet. Actually, John Lennon sunglasses are a test to the legacy created by Lennon.