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Top Celebrities Own Their Own Eyewear Lines

July 14th, 2011

Celebrities, especially Hollywood stars, are fashion enthusiasts, who are the spokesman of the latest fashion trend. Crazy about fashion items, they like joining various kinds of fashion shows. It is natural that top fashion designers befriend the hottest star. As fashion icon, many celebrities show special talents towards fashion and even make their own fashion lines. For example, they may design their own brand of clothes, perfume or other fashion accessories. When it comes to fashion accessories, almost every celebrities will not miss out a must-have cool fashion accessory- sunglasses, which play an important role in their daily life.

There are many celebrities who try their hands to make their own collection of sunglasses to show their fashion perspective and talent. Here are some examples as follows:


The Olsen twins show us their distinctive fashion talent. As they are obsessed with the oversized sunglasses, which is the main fashion stream, the pretty twins made great contribution to the popularity of the oversized sunglasses due to the great love for the oversized sunglasses. So, it is natural that they made their own fashion line of oversized sunglasses.


Another one fashion icon as well as cool designer comes to Victoria Beckham. It is easy to find that she always wear sunglasses. People are impressive not only by her stylish dress but also cool sunglasses. She designs her sunglasses collection 2011 and shows her sensitive taste about fashion. It offers a variety of different frame styles and shapes with stylish designs.


IT girl Paris Hilton is another one star owing their own lines of eyewear. There is no denying that she is a manic for sunglasses. She is always spotted wearing various kinds of oversized sunglasses.  She has favored traditionally the oversized glasses, but has branched out into more boxy shapes and wild patterns on the frames.

As stars become interested in wearing various kinds of eyewear, more and more celebrities will make their own line of eyewear to make eyewear that they like most and show their trendy fashion taste to the world.

Rectangle Sunglasses Will Give You a Stylish Summer

July 7th, 2011

I believe that everyone wants to enjoy the summer holiday to fullest. However, how do you do to protect your eyes from injury because of the bright sunlight and high-energy visible light? Here I would like to share a good idea with you that are suitable for us-wearing sunglasses. But choosing a suitable pair of sunglasses is not an easy job especially when the market is full of sunglasses with diversity and variety, which will make you dizzy. Take rectangle sunglasses for example. Not everyone is suitable for it. However, how to make sure that is suitable for us, which is associated with its features and peculiarity.

Referring to shapes, rectangle sunglasses ideally suit the person with round or similar face shape. With the rule- the glasses shapes must be contrasted with wearers’ face shapes-in our hearts, the rectangle sunglasses can make wearer’s faces much more slender than it looks. Of course, these sunglasses are also sometimes made into other rectangle-similar shapes so as to ensure buyers have more options according to their personal situations.

Rectangle sunglasses also have different frame types as some other glasses including rimless, semi-rimless and full rimed frames. Of course, full rime frames are a little bit traditional to us. With the technology developed, the semi-rimless and rimless become more popular than full rime frames.

Rectangle sunglasses are usually tinted in different colors. Color to sunglasses is as water to people. Several years ago, black, silver, brown, amber and so on are some of the most beloved colors for male wearers, and some like pink, green, rose, red are always popular among female wearers. However, in recent years, rectangle sunglasses in different colors or much more complicated colors are suitable for men, women and unisex person.

Rectangle sunglasses are of different brands-classy or inferior and different price. Owing to the popularity of these sunglasses, more and more manufacturers have joined in this competition. The famous brands are Burberry check rectangle sunglasses, Gucci rectangle sunglasses and Ran-Ban RB3186 top bar rectangle sunglasses.

All in all, rectangle sunglasses become more popular among people. Owing a pair of this kind of sunglasses will give you a stylish summer.

Different Frames of Metal Sunglasses Have Different Characters

July 4th, 2011

As we all know that metal sunglass is one of the hottest fashion accessories. Even the old people love to make themselves look fashionable and trendy by wearing metal sunglasses, let alone young people. However, do you know what kind of materials that the metal sunglasses are made from? In fact, metal sunglasses are made from numerous materials not just one as we take for granted. As the user, we should be aware of different types of metal that are used to make your favorite metal sunglasses. Some main metals used for making metal sunglasses are detailed as follows.

Nickel Silver: the metal sunglasses are made from Nickel silver are comparatively cheaper than any other sunglasses. This kind of frame is made by a permutation of nickel, copper and other metals, which are pressed together before electrocution for designing purpose. These frames should be coated with anti-tarnish paint to prevent it from losing its color.

Monel: Monel is another most commonly used alloy when it comes to making sunglasses frames. Moreover, Monel is made by compressing alloys like iron, manganese, nickel, copper, and other durable materials. Sunglasses frame made from Monel are light in weight as well as are very durable. Besides, this kind of sunglasses own anti-corrosion features to make your sunglasses last longer. By the way, owning to its strength, Monel is also used in making body of jet engines. The frame of sunglasses made of Monel also remains in proper shape, even after being used for a long time. The manufacturing process of Monel is improved to make it very tensile. As a result these frames do not break or get damaged easily in case of any mishandling.

Stainless Steel: stainless steel is more often than not used in making frames for higher range of metal sunglasses. It is common known that stainless steel are composed of iron, carbon, and chromium, which are supple enough for adjustments. Stainless steel frames have the ability to resist rust and corrosion.

Aluminum – Magnesium Alloys: The frames of sunglasses made by combining aluminum and magnesium are very strong and durable, which also can last for a longer period of time. Sunglasses with these frames are lightweight, corrosion free, and are very comfortable to wear.

Titanium: sunglasses with titanium frame are publicly considered as the most expensive one. Titanium frame can add an element of glamour and prestige to your look. It is known that titanium is anti-corrosive and extremely strong, compared with all other metals. Moreover, the sunglasses with titanium frame can add some fashion statement to your appearance.

Celebrities Show Stylish Sunglasses for Teenagers

July 1st, 2011

As the ultimate trendsetters, celebrities haven a huge influence on fashion. Fashion journalists keep chasing them and catch the latest fashion trend. It is easy to find that celebrities are often spotted wearing fabulous sunglasses making them look great. So lots of people, especially the youth, spare no effort to follow them. Here are examples they show for teenagers.

Examples of Stylish Sunglasses for Teenage Boys

Many male famous celebrities love to wear sunglasses, such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep, who are the hottest guy worldwide. Most of male celebrities are interested in one special classic style- aviator sunglasses, which was first produced by Ray Ban which is a leading sunglasses brand for its fashionable style and high quality. So, for teenage boys, you will get a celebrities look and draw much attention from girls while wearing aviator sunglasses. There is no doubt aviator sunglasses sold by Ray Ban are of high expenses, teenage boys can get aviator sunglasses from online store, which not only help you save much money but also fatter your temperament.

Examples of Hot Shades for Teenage Girls

Sunglasses have become must-have accessories which put the final touches to their outfit. Compared with men, women pay more attention to the style of sunglasses. It is well known that female celebrities are crazy about various kinds of sunglasses, such as Paris Hilton who is a paparazzi favorite and own more than one hundred of sunglasses in different style. Besides, many female celebrities, as fashionistas, have designed their sunglasses by themselves such as Victoria BeckHam.

One kind of sunglasses that female celebrities often wear is oversized sunglasses. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are fans of oversized sunglasses, which making them look hot and sexy. Another one is black sunglasses, which gain great popularity. Victoria BeckHam is rarely seen without her signature shades on and often shows up while wearing black sunglasses to match her unique and chic style.

Trendy Sunglasses Present Men’s Personalities

June 29th, 2011

If you just think that sunglasses style is about following the latest trends, you may be wrong. Apart from protecting the eyes against harmful UV rays, they are an important fashion accessory for men. The psychologist says that the kind of sunglasses a guy wears says a lot about his personality. Fashion is about the expression of an individual’s personality through their style choices. From the bold diamond studded sunglasses to classic black wayfarers, whichever style a guy choose to wear tells us about his personality, preference and sensibilities. Hence, men’s personality is revealed through the sunglasses that they choose to wear. Men’s fashion stylist, Rin Jajo, and marketing head for Luxottica India, Amitabh Sehdev give us their expert views on types of sunglasses and the personality type that they represent.

Thick rimmed sunglasses

It is said that a guy who wears thick rimmed sunglasses are fashionable forward, confident and extrovert. They have a taste for expensive things and are not afraid to flaunt. The Tom Ford sunglasses seen on Brad Pitt are often seen on the red carpet.

Classic Aviators

It is obvious that there are evergreen sunglasses- aviator sunglasses, sported by confident men who are looking for a smart accessory to enhance their personality and reflect their unique and individual character. They are often chosen by men who exude classic style and sophistication. The wearer usually doesn’t follow any strict rules of trends and believes in evergreen cool factor like that of Bob Dylan and John F Kennedy.

Updated retro sunglasses

Vintage inspired sunglasses with colored lenses appeal to men with a daring fashion sense. They are original, and like to stand out and experiment with fashion. Johnny Deep’s distinct style is complemented by the slightly quirky sunglasses. Moreover, retro sunglasses can highly present their personality- elegance and sophistication.

Top 5 Movie Characters Wearing Glasses or Sunglasses

June 28th, 2011

It is commonly accepted that eyeglasses and sunglasses have played an important role in our daily life. We can see lots of people wearing different kinds of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Even in the movie world, glasses and sunglasses are special part of identity of movie characters. There are top movie characters wearing glasses or sunglasses.

Harry Potter

A young boy, Harry Potter, has a great destiny and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cute Harry attracts a large number of fans including children and adults all over the world. His cute round glasses impress us and become a part of his identity. Round glasses are one of the hottest glasses style. A lot of fashionistas are fond of showing a nerdy look while wearing round glasses.


When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy guy gets spider-like abilities that he eventually uses to fight evil as a superhero. Peter Parker looks like a nerd with a pair of geek plastic glasses.

Top Gun

Aviator style is always the main fashion stream. The 1986 action movie “Top Gun” made contribution to the popularity of aviator sunglasses when both Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer appeared wearing aviators. Nowadays, aviator sunglasses are still favorites of most people as a classic style.

Men in Black

In the movie Men in Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the move Men in Black always like to wear black sunglasses. Teaming up with Tommy Lee Jones, Smith and his right hand man fight some alien while not putting a single crease in their black suits perfectly complimenting their shades.


The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger finishes off the look with a leather jacket, biker boots and a slick pair of sunglasses. Never has a robot with an Austrian accent been so cool!

Polarized Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes Whenever and Wherever Possible

June 27th, 2011

As for an outdoor sport lover, especially people who have deep love for water activities such as boating, fishing or surfing, a pair of sunglasses is the essential part. But if you have experienced a lot of water sports, then you may already know that the common sunglasses can not protect your eyes very well. The reason is that the common sunglasses can cause glare, especially when they get wet. Glare always occurs whenever light waves come in contact and bounce off from a reflector such as water. This is the very reason that waster sports enthusiasts need sunglasses that can cancel out some glare, even if you get water in them. Polarized sunglasses are designed to do that. Moreover, a quality pair of polarized sunglasses won’t make you squint when you are subjected to the intense brightness of the sun.

On one hand, wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses enables you to block these kinds of reflected light but lets other essential light waves to pass through, so you can see clearly without having to squint and at the same time avoid the dreaded headaches caused by glare. If you have gone fishing or boating and tried to stare at the water for a few minutes, then you’ll instantly feel the unpleasant side effects caused by glare. Even just sitting on the poolside or on the shore during a sunny day and staring at the light dancing on the water, that will give you just about the same negative effects. The same goes when you’re staring at snow minus the protection provided by sunglasses.

On the other hand, actually polarized sunglasses can be worn by anyone for any type of outdoor sports when glare reduction is needed. Polarized sunglasses are not only used in water sports but also can be used in driving a car of motorcycle. You may even wear polarized sunglasses when you need to date someone for lunch during a hot day. Moreover, you also can put them on while sipping coffee at a sidewalk café, hanging out by the pool or beach and look cool while at it. So if you intend to go outside during a bright sunny day, bring a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes makes a lot of sense. Your day will still be bright and you do not have to worry about the headache caused or irritated by glare.

A Guide of the Known Types of Sunglasses.

June 24th, 2011


Aviators often come in oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. It is specially designed for the pilots and always the main fashion stream in eyeglasses fashion world. As a classic style, aviator sunglasses have passed the test of time. Nowadays, not only men but also women prefer aviator sunglasses.


Mirrorshade is equipped with a mirrored coating on the surface. Due to the popularity among policemen, it gained a nickname-cop shade. There are two popular styles for mirrorshades. One is a dual lens set in a metal frame and a “Wraparound” style.


Polarized sunglasses do a good job of eliminating the glare from surfaces like water, snow. Due to its features, they are of great importance to help wearers who love sports such as driving, golf to protect the eyes and enhance their performance.

Clip on

Clip on sunglasses are a combination of eyeglass and sunglasses with two layers of lenses. You can regard it as normal rx eyeglasses while taking off the outside layer. When you go outside, clip on will do the same job as sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays when you flip up the outside lenses.


Due to rimless design, rimless sunglasses are so lightweight that many sports enthusiasts are likely to buy rimless sunglasses. Also rimless sunglasses come in different colors and become a current fashion styles.


With the large lenses and frame, wraparound sunglasses can cover eyes and more area surrounding eyes as goggles do. Besides, thanks to the wraparound design, they prevent damaging UV rays from getting in through the sides, top and bottom of them.


Oversized sunglasses first got attention in the 1960’s when Jackie Onassis worn them. Now an increasing number of people are interested in wearing them, especially women. Oversized sunglasses in retro style are so popular that many people are sported wearing them in 2011.

Top Celebrities as Spokesman for Typical Sunglasses

June 23rd, 2011

Many famous celebrities worldwide are the enthusiasts for sunglasses. As there are an array of sunglasses with different designs and color, celebrities have different preference to different sunglasses. Top celebrities are crazy about some certain types of sunglasses and become the spokesman for their favorite type.

Lady GagaRound Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a star that is really making a bold fashion statement, most people will point you right to Lady Gaga. She often gives us a shock by her distinctive clothing, not to mention her fashionable and special glasses that become one part of her identity. Among those sunglasses, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of round sunglasses and makes contribution to the popularity of round sunglasses. Nowadays, round sunglasses are a modern deduction of the original classic. Since lady gaga always wear them, they are popularized and come back to the fashion world. At present, round sunglasses have a cool vintage look and become more and more rectangular.

Paris HiltonOversize Sunglasses

There is no doubt that a lot of A-list celebrities wear oversized sunglasses such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and many others. Among them, Paris is a huge fan of oversized sunglass, which made this trend very popular. Her signature sunglass look is definitively retro, oversized, and chic, which make her look pretty glamorous.

Tom CruiseAviator Sunglasses

When it comes to aviator sunglasses, we easily remember Tom Cruise wear aviator sunglasses in the action movie “Top Gun”, which did a lot to raise the visibility of Aviators with another entire generation. Also known as “Pilot shades, aviator sunglasses were specially designed to protect pilots fight against harmful rays. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eye socket, and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. As the spokesman for aviator sunglasses, Tom Cruise is often sported wearing aviator sunglasses which make him look hot and cool.

Choose Proper Sunglasses and Accessories to Become a Beauty with a Small Face

June 21st, 2011

If you are a fashion trendsetter, you must have noticed that this year sunglasses are still the indispensable fashion items. The butterfly shapes, square shapes as well as other shapes are still quite well-received. They are designed to prettify your faces if you wear properly. We are here to discuess how to choose the perfect sunglasses and other accessories according to your face shape to make you gorgeous.

The best choices for people having oval face are broad frame sunglasses, which can make face spacious, shortening the length of the face visually. Sunglasses with thin metal frame or rimless ones are not suitable for them to wear. Besides, a comb bang hairdo also can be cheating regarding the visual effect of the facial length in the way of making a relatively broad forehead. Dresses with V-neck, long and fluttering earrings, and long necklace will only make face looks even longer, but short pearl necklace, round and suitable clothing and appropriate sunglasses can certainly narrow the face length and beautify your appearance.

Quadrate faces can easily cause the feeling of toughness. Therefore, they are supposed to avoid choosing rectangular frames or quadrate sunglasses which will make their face looks tougher. Broad round frame glasses can make the outline appears softer. So they should try round sunglasses with thick frames in order to go with the hale line. Narrow-edged and delicate sunglasses will appear smaller and mismatch the facial lines. Except for sunglasses, quadrate faces go with high bun hairstyle. In addition, wearing round and fluttering earrings also can draw the attention away from the shape of face, which will make the quadrate faces appears slender.

People having round faces are not suitable for wearing round or bended frame sunglasses. Round frames, round earrings or horsetail hair style will emphasize the chubby round faces instead of beautifying them. Therefore, they should choose sunglasses with rectangular frames. The appropriate hairstyle can make the round face looks elliptic, like the style of putting hair besides the face. Round pearl earrings, necklaces and round-neck dresses are not as the wise choices as long necklace and V collar.


It is important to choose the proper accessories to match with your face and your body, including but not limited to sunglasses. If you arrange them in the right way, it can enhance your beauty. Otherwise, it will only cause harmful effect. Hopefully you can get some suggestions from this article and be as fashionable as you can imagine.