Choose Proper Sunglasses and Accessories to Become a Beauty with a Small Face

June 21st, 2011 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

If you are a fashion trendsetter, you must have noticed that this year sunglasses are still the indispensable fashion items. The butterfly shapes, square shapes as well as other shapes are still quite well-received. They are designed to prettify your faces if you wear properly. We are here to discuess how to choose the perfect sunglasses and other accessories according to your face shape to make you gorgeous.

The best choices for people having oval face are broad frame sunglasses, which can make face spacious, shortening the length of the face visually. Sunglasses with thin metal frame or rimless ones are not suitable for them to wear. Besides, a comb bang hairdo also can be cheating regarding the visual effect of the facial length in the way of making a relatively broad forehead. Dresses with V-neck, long and fluttering earrings, and long necklace will only make face looks even longer, but short pearl necklace, round and suitable clothing and appropriate sunglasses can certainly narrow the face length and beautify your appearance.

Quadrate faces can easily cause the feeling of toughness. Therefore, they are supposed to avoid choosing rectangular frames or quadrate sunglasses which will make their face looks tougher. Broad round frame glasses can make the outline appears softer. So they should try round sunglasses with thick frames in order to go with the hale line. Narrow-edged and delicate sunglasses will appear smaller and mismatch the facial lines. Except for sunglasses, quadrate faces go with high bun hairstyle. In addition, wearing round and fluttering earrings also can draw the attention away from the shape of face, which will make the quadrate faces appears slender.

People having round faces are not suitable for wearing round or bended frame sunglasses. Round frames, round earrings or horsetail hair style will emphasize the chubby round faces instead of beautifying them. Therefore, they should choose sunglasses with rectangular frames. The appropriate hairstyle can make the round face looks elliptic, like the style of putting hair besides the face. Round pearl earrings, necklaces and round-neck dresses are not as the wise choices as long necklace and V collar.


It is important to choose the proper accessories to match with your face and your body, including but not limited to sunglasses. If you arrange them in the right way, it can enhance your beauty. Otherwise, it will only cause harmful effect. Hopefully you can get some suggestions from this article and be as fashionable as you can imagine.


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