Square glasses: You Can Look More Than Retro and Vintage

February 13th, 2012 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Are you cudgeling your brains for an appealing ornament to draw more attention from the fellows while at a party? A pair of square glasses is the best ornament you can come by with the least effort at this very moment. As a particular type of retro eyeglasses, square glasses are being violently adored by glasses wearers. Either boys or girls can create an fashionable and cool image by wearing a pair of big and square glasses.

Have you been strongly affected by many classic film characters who are in black rimmed square glasses? Black rimmed square glasses are utilized by many a famous actress and actor to create a intellectual and cool image in the film. This is really successful in attracting much more public attention. And in real life not a few people start a stylish tide in wearing black rimmed square glasses. Every day wearers of this type of square glasses are spotted in the streets and in the buses. They invariably emerge as gorgeous and fetching hipster, to such an extent that you crave their style yet are hands-tied to grace your ensemble with that classic and chic look. You know what’s the shortest cut? A pair of square glasses can suffice to satisfy all your beauty lust.

Apart from the black rimmed style, square glasses are warmly welcomed with other frame colors and sizes. If you do not like dark colored frames, lots of bright colored square glasses are out there awaiting your option. Square glasses with bright color make you look more vigorous and active. Square glasses are not merely in big frames, and you are free to pick those with rather small frames. So wearers with a small face can choose square glasses with small frames. No matter how big the square glasses are, do make sure that the frame is not overly thick. If the frames are too thick, wearers will have to bitterly endure the discomfort caused by the annoying superfluous weight.

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