Sunglasses for Specific Needs

June 21st, 2011 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

Since their first massive production pushed by an American named Sam Foster in 1929, sunglasses have come a long way. Although UV rays and glare protection remains number one in their functionalities, sunglasses are now being worn for more diversified purposes. People’s increasingly more specific demands for functionalities of sunglasses have been pushing designers and manufacturers relentlessly seeking a even more intricate design for that particular kind of activity, such as swimming or driving on a sunny day. As the consumer, being familiar with different types of sunglasses is crucial if you want to find the perfect pair of sunglasses fitting your specific need.

One thing during which people may find having to wear sunglasses a little bit troublesome is sports. You must know the feeling of constantly having to push the sunglasses back up as it slides down on your nose because of the perspiration and the motion of your body when you are running.   At times like these, all you need is a pair of wraparound sunglasses. These are the sunglasses that you see professional athletes like baseball players, basketball players or bikers wear all the time. They are called wraparound sunglasses because they literally wrap around your ears and they can stay perfectly in place even though your body is moving aggressively, making them the perfect choice for sports wear. In terms of style, these wrap around sunglasses stand out naturally due to their uniquely large shape, sending out a message of athletic lifestyle. Brands like Ray-ban and Oakley make this type of sunglasses with different styles and colors. Choose a pair that suits your taste if you are having a problem while wearing glasses during sports.

Driving on a sunny day can sometimes be a headache if you have vision problems that require prescription eyeglasses to help you see clearer and at the same time sunglasses to block out UV rays and glare. Some prescription eyeglasses come with extra clip-on sun lenses. However, putting these lenses on takes time and if not operated properly, they may cause damage to your prescription lenses. A pair of prescription sunglasses comes in handy at times like this. These sunglasses have prescription lenses that help your vision and blocks out harmful rays at the same time, saving time to put on the clip-on lenses so that you can focus on the road. It may takes a little extra investment to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses, but when you consider what it brings you is safety, it’s all worth it.

As people’s needs grow more specific and diversified, more and more sunglasses that cater specific needs will appear. As Adam Smith puts it, it’s the supply and demand.


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