American Optical Company – the pioneer of American eyewear industry

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American Optical Company is the first American company in the area of design, manufacturing and distributing of high-end eyeglasses and sunglasses. Even by today, American Optical is still one of the largest optical manufacturing companies in the world.

The history of American Optical can be traced back to 1826 when a Connecticut farm boy named William Beecher germinated an idea of producing better quality spectacles. This represented the birth of American Optical Company and the American optical industry.

American Optical gained quick expansion in the early 20th century by exporting AO eyewear to Europe. AT that time the precious metal frames made of silver and gold was popular, American Optical was the most active player in this field. During the WWI, American Optical shipped 2.5 million eyeglasses and sunglasses for the war efforts. In WWII, about 1.4 million pairs of prescription glasses were sent to the US Forces. American Optical was rewarded by US government for its contributions.

American Optical sunglasses also had a story of legend. The first pair of American Optical sunglasses was made in 1876. The proudest part of the story was that styles of special American Optical sunglasses made for US military forces, and by today these AO eyewear sunglasses are still popular among the youngsters.

American Optical is considered to the pride and witness of American optical industry. AO eyewear, both prescription and sunglasses, still represent the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and fashion design. AO eyewear remains the legend of American dream.


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