The history of Sunglasses Hut

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Sunglasses Hut is the world reputable retail name of sunglasses with about 2000 store mainly in North America and other parts of the world. Sunglasses Hut has witnessed quick expansion since its founding due to its excellent quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed customer service.

Sunglasses Hut began its business in 1971 by an optometrist in Miami called Sanford Ziff by opening a kiosk in the aisle of Miami’s Dadeland mall. Early businesses seemed successful as Ziff, with entrepreneurial insights, saw the trend of fashion function of sunglasses above its protection purposes. In the later years, directed by Ziff’s son Dean, the Sunglasses Hut grew to the scale of 100 stores in USA by 1986, and the revenue in that year reached $24 million.

In 1988, in order for further and quicker expansion of Sunglasses Hut, Ziff decided to sell 75% of the company share to Kidd Kamm and Co., and to use the money to open more Sunglasses Hut stores. By 1991, 450 Sun glasses Hut stores were operated in total and annual revenue exceeded a landmark of $100 million. Around this time, the founder Ziff sold out all the remaining 25% interests and totally stepped out of Sun glasses Hut business.

1993 was the year of another fantastic milestone for Sunglasses Hut. In this year, Sun glasses Hut was listed public. Using the money from the exchange market, Sun glasses Hut experienced an even quicker expansion. By 1996, the sales reached $500 million, and nearly 1700 stores were opened in total.

The performance of Sunglasses Hut caught the eyes of the world’s largest player of eyewear industry Luxottica, and in 2001 this Milan optical giant successfully acquired Sunglasses Hut, and now integrated as a part of Luxottica Retail.

Currently Sun glasses Hut sells its premium sunglasses in its store locations, via mail-order and through it website Sunglasshut com. Sunglasshut com offers an alternative and easier way of hunting for a piece of fashion jewelry. Any unsatisfied customer may return the sunglasses bought online via Sunglasshut com to any nearby Sunglasses Hut store.

Quality and service makes Sun glasses Hut stands out in this fiercely competitive eyewear business.


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