A Survey of Hong Kong Eyeglasses

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Hong kong is a country which ranks third in eyeglasses and eyeglass frame production next to Italy and Chinese Mainland. Hong Kong eyeglass companies mainly engage in top-of-the-line glass frame production. Those companies, making full use of the products bases in mainland, produce eyeglasses for famous international brands. In 2007, Hong Kong eyeglasses export amount increases by 23%, and its biggest markets are in European Union and the United States. Facing the fierce competition in mainland, Hong Kong companies make effort to improve their technological levels in production and designation.

To remain competitive, Hong Kong eyeglasses companies make changes to meet requirements from customers. At present, customers are more inclined to choose eyeglass frames that are light and durable. As a result, most Hong Kong eyeglasses companies apply titanium in the frame production. As technology develops day by day, magnesium and carbon fiber come to be popular elements in eyeglass frame production as well. In modern society, the sense of health is highly improved in people’s daily lives, which contributes to the increasing need in sport eyewears. With the advancement of technological levels, super light and super strong materials gradually come into being. Polycarbonate and Ac materials accelerate the development of sport eyewears.

Apart from a role eyeglasses played in vision correction and medical treatment, eyeglasses have long become fashion ornaments, getting with clothes and hair styles, etc.. And more and more brands make use of eyeglasses as fashionable decorations to make a promotion. As a matter of fact, many fashion brands have obtained eyeglass production licenses. Therefore, Hong Kong eyeglasses companies turns much of their talents in designation. Decorating big size logos, decorative crystals and diamonds constitutes the primary way as for Hong Kong companies.

It is reported in 2006 that there are nearly 5 million senior citizens over 65 years old all around the globe, taking 8% of the world population, and the aging time is coming, so the need in eyeglasses for elder people will increase fast. Therefore, Hong Kong companies also strengthen eyeglass production for old people. Those eyeglasses, different from the others for age groups, should be qualified in performance. Similarly, light and durable eyeglass frames are more welcomed.

The fierce competition are now mainly among low-end products, those huge Italy companies are still inclined to cooperate with Hong Kong eyeglasses companies, because of their high quality, good faith and long time long-term cooperative relationship.


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